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Version on the official forums:

An Avian AI that replaces the default AI of all races.
She has custom dialogue and animations, to give her her own personality and flavor. Sadly I wasn't able to include all animations I did with her. But most of them got in!

This mod works with already started games.
You don't have to start a new game for her to appear.

Has custom race support!

Things to note:
The mod can be added or removed at any time. As far as I know, when you remove a mod that contains objects, the objects will vanish without crashing the game.

If you are far into the game, and decide to pick up, for example, three liquids at once from the storage, there is a good chance you'll get three messages, one for each liquid. Same goes for metal bars. One message for each.

Though, if you start the game from the beginning, the messages will feel more evenly spread. Probably.

Some animations or actions might cut off in a non-smooth way. The reason for this is that all default A.I.s hardly move, so you can cut them off anytime by clicking on a command.
For example, if she's bent forward, and you click on a command where she normally talks, she will suddenly jump back into the normal talk position. There's no real way to make smoother transitions.

If you have issues, please use the discussion threads; I will ignore comments as I cannot reply to them, thankyou
Things like default messages, or a missing portrait, or just the normal AI portrait, or even crashes that happen on the same spot consistently. Might be that I missed something. The AI is spread out over many many folders and files, so there's a good chance it did.
I can't really test everything, especially in the later parts of the game, there could be glitches. But we'll see...

One thing I've noticed is that the animations in the radio messages play backwards. I dunno why that is. It seems to be a bug in the vanilla game. It's just not very noticeable with the default AIs, since their animations are only 2 frames anyway.

Does the mod work in multiplayer with someone who doesn't have it?
Probably not, because it also contains a few objects. So, it's not purely cosmetic, even though the objects themselves are.

I cannot make race specific versions, because I use custom dialogue and unique animations. The game can't have different dialogue or animations for different AIs. For the same reason, I cannot make the AVIAN replace only the avian AI. It has to replace all or none. If you play non avians you could just turn it off.

I won't touch the tech stations introduced by custom races. I can't draw a new version for every custom race.

Anyway, have fun! :3
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bakairy 15 hours ago 
i love this mod
Olsenitis Nov 17 @ 12:56am 
it doesnt have to use those animations all she need is to walk, talk and attack
Olsenitis Nov 17 @ 12:56am 
can you make a npc for avian please
[LB] AlphaOmega177 Nov 15 @ 5:27pm 
what cadigori does this and other sail interfaces fall into in theworkshop?
NexusTheBrony Nov 14 @ 2:46pm 
@zachery the creator of that mod already has a version of A.V.I.A.N. that you can use. The problem with this 1 tho is radio messages do not work. only the S.A.I.L. interface changes
zachery Nov 10 @ 10:35am 
can you make it compactable with that mod which i can't remember whats it called witch lets you choose your sail.
arthum.inglorion Nov 10 @ 12:05am 
@btb556 nobody is forcing you to buy the in-game items from the mod so I don't see a reason to add more work for the mod maker by asking for making a seperate mod without the items
binskibub Nov 9 @ 5:16pm 

Yeah, perhaps there could be a seperate mod? Cause some people still want the objects such as the plushie.
rengr29 Nov 9 @ 5:09pm 
these comments...

m-HA! Gotem!
btb556 Nov 5 @ 2:41pm 
Can you remove the items? I would prefer the mod with only the AI