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Aug 19, 2016 @ 4:02am
Jun 2 @ 7:48am
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More Batteries

Alpha 17 compatible

This mod aims to add more depth to the batteries in the game.

Improved Battery:
Capacity: 1250wd
Efficiency: 55%

Advanced Battery:
Capacity: 1500wd
Efficiency: 65%

Glitterworld Battery:
Capacity: 2000wd
Efficiency: 80%

Transcendent Battery:
Capacity: 4000wd
Efficiency: 110%

Technologies added:
- Transcendent Power Storage
- Transcendent Battery
- Specific Components
- Glitterworld Battery
- Advanced Battery
- Improved Battery

Compatible with Pre existing colonies

Known issues:
The batteries do not satisfy the right hand menu for "need batteries"
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Apr 13 @ 6:32am
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Rev Jun 4 @ 10:58pm 
Is the "Power Cell Creator Table" from this mod? Seems take a lot of resources, but power cell also can be created by component table, right? So.. is there a particular reason to exist?
Reaverslayer Jun 3 @ 2:59pm 
Has someone else the Problem that after research you cant craft the specific component for the Glitterworld Battery?
Proxyer Jun 2 @ 8:11am 
I was waiting for this update. I thank you.
Igor Amorim Jun 2 @ 4:51am 
please update mod
Torres May 25 @ 12:16pm 
Hope you find time to upgrade this mod, and also to tweak the transcendent battery price... one single battery has a value of almost a MILLION which calls for raids of 90 people O_O
Farsight Feb 3 @ 5:58am 
ah i see, did not know that energy loss was a thing when storing ^^ thanks for fast answer
Stolij  [author] Feb 3 @ 4:58am 
efficiency is how much energy is wasted on charge,
so if the efficiency is 50% and the maximum capacity is 1000, then you will need 2000 to charge the battery
Farsight Feb 3 @ 3:24am 
what does Efficiency mean/do?
ChildofGaia Jan 16 @ 3:18pm 
EPOE also uses components called Advanced Components.
Stolij  [author] Jan 5 @ 11:57pm 
i am unaware of it being incompatible
(so it probably is COMPATIBLE)