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This gorgeous mod will save you from a lot of unnecessary clicks.
Now buildings will improve or build automatically if there are sufficient resources.

For Stellaris 1.9.*

How it works:
This mod will improve or build new buildings, depending on the available resources and active options.
By default all options desabled, enter menu and select needed options.

List of options:
(more details in the descriptions in the game)
  1. Autobuild Space Stations.
  2. Autoimprove Buildings.
  3. Autobuild on Good Tiles.
  4. Give Mines to the Slaves.
  5. Autoimprove Laboratories.
  6. Keep Resources in Reserve.
  7. Autoclean Blockers.
  8. Autobuild Unique Buildings.
  9. Autobuild on empty tiles.
  10. Ignore on tiles.
  11. Allow Autobuild for AI.
  12. Autobuild: Robots.
  13. Remove all farms.
  14. Autorepair.
  15. Local resettle.

Planetary Edicts:
  1. Remove all settings from planet.
  2. Hide/Show Autobuild Edicts.
  3. Add to exeption.
  4. Specialize planet.

Save compatible (need to wait 1 day).

Select “Remove all mod’s settings” option in menu.
Turn off in the launcher.

Compatible with



  • Auto-build for the spaceport and spaceport’s modules then paradox add needed api. Same for auto update military stations.
  • Add new options for unique colony buildings (in progress).
  • Compatibility with other mods (write in comments).

Special thanks to:
Artos_VV, Tisson, Ninja Ferret, Arakhor, a123qwertz567, dray_prescot, Ryuichiro, Korrektur und Übersetzung, Darh, vlad77, 神偷偷尼, shota3245.

GitHub: get inspired or send pool requests[]
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Use by AI
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The Credible Bulk 55 minutes ago 
Im trying to use this mod with ST: New Horizons and keep getting random crashes that can only be passed if I deactivate the mod, play for a bit, then reactivate it. Is there a way to ocercome this of do i have something wrong? I'm only running ST:NH and its related UI and submod.
Vecho Dec 9 @ 7:45pm 
After continuing playing, I noticed the mod didn't build autochthon, despite the fact that I enable the building in auto build unique building option menu.
Vecho Dec 8 @ 12:56am 
It is not building spacestation, but spaceport which I think it is part of planet building.
had  [author] Dec 7 @ 3:29pm 
Holy Diver
The patch has not changed anything important, you can continue to play.

Strange, will check.
May be.
Check Autonomous Assembler mod.
Holy Diver Dec 7 @ 10:17am 
1.0.9 please
Vecho Dec 7 @ 3:14am 
Some suggestion:
1 The mod seems don't take alien zoo into consideration when auto building. I have saw the mod build genetic clinic on alien animal tile many times.
2 When renaming specialized planet, it would be good to keep the original planet name and add a prefix into the name of the planet.
3 Hope it is possible to auto build spaceport.
had  [author] Dec 6 @ 12:46pm 
Its mean you have ships for autobuild (you can turn on) and you have ships in autobuild (you can turn of).
Also ship locked 100 days and then mod spawn station.
It actually written in the tooltip.
Hiran Dec 6 @ 12:37pm
There is something wrong with autobuild for stations. Some ships show "Event Locked" and some are doing nothing. And this option appears twice for some unknown reason.
had  [author] Dec 6 @ 5:11am 
It use all aviable ships.
Invictus Dec 5 @ 7:36pm 
Is it possible to use multiple construction ships with the auto build station feature? it only appears to be using 1 of my many available construction ships?