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Towns and Villages Enhanced: Whiterun Exterior
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May 6, 2012 @ 10:47am
May 7, 2012 @ 4:40am
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Please check out my other Mod (Towns and Villages Enhanced), that Adds new levels of detail to towns and villages around skyrim! :) (Similar to this one, but for whole villages!)

Follow me on twitter for News on my upcoming Mod, The Rocky Isles (It's pretty massive! :D)


V1.1! The stable area has been enhanced, New animals added, More trees, Lights and also a small market stand (No merchant yet, working on it.)!

Whiterun Exterior Enhanced is a small mod that adds many more scenery items around the outside of Whiterun. In future updates I may add, new NPC's such as merchants and bandit attackers; new lighting sources, buildings and animals.


This is V1.1, if you find any bugs, please leave a comment and I'll try to fix them ASAP.

There is a slight performance drop, depending on you're lighting mod, you may experience different decreases in FPS.

Im using the RCRN Pure Mod with a Phenom II x4 965, and a 560ti, and have had drops of 1 - 3 FPS in the general area.


Works well with, the Sexy cities series of mods (Shown in the picture) and any foliage lighting mods. Incompatabilities are: Any mod that changes the cell, such as the whiterun markets and detailed cities exterior mod. Please comment if you find any others.

Thanks for Downloading! Every comment will be read! Please Rate and favourite, means alot :)

--- Works with the Civil War questline, but some clipping issues may occur. Nothing too serious. Thanks for all the subs and favourites, I'm working on a new update :) If some random imperials or stormcloaks appear... Don't worry! This is a bug, they will kill eachother, and go on with their days...

NOTICE: This mod is being deleted soon, I will be slowly replacing "Whiterun Exterior Enhanced" and "TAVE Villages" The reason for this is various errors and crashes both mods are causing. They will be replaced with much more game friendly versions, that should keep the same style, and apply more advanced modding techniques. Look out for them soon.
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The Tardis In Tamriel Mar 26 @ 3:15pm 
what graphics enhancement mod is on this picture
FR|Spysword Mar 22 @ 3:55am 
klappt net
caverlyscout Mar 4 @ 4:37pm 
getting black shaded plants to appear in the buildings in whiterun, no where else, any thoughts? i even checked the meadary outside whiterun and no black plant glitch just inside whiterun?
[MGM] GeT_GaBeN Feb 28 @ 1:11pm 
@Mimi Haha im having the same problem.. Walking from Riverwood to Whiterun then it crashes.. Same place every time.. + I love your mods Aplestormy!
Mimi Haha Feb 27 @ 10:37pm 
Keeps crashing outside of Whiterun now :/
Miyafuji Yoshika Feb 17 @ 6:13pm 
Hey, hey, kstreeter4444, it says "Gullible" on the ceiling.
Rage Ðealera Jan 24 @ 5:32am 
i have very low cpu and i have like 216 mods all of vate and it works good but sometimes it does crash especially while in whiterun
edgarthemagnificent Jan 1 @ 9:37am 
seriously though, does this mod work with the open cities mod? any clipping or anything? you know.... when the doors open do they clip through plants, trees, banners?
BrettAVance Dec 18, 2014 @ 10:12pm 
krishna22 Dec 15, 2014 @ 10:52am