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Disable Timers
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Feb 5, 2016 @ 4:37pm
Jul 11, 2016 @ 9:40am
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Disable Timers

Disables the mission timer in most non-story missions. Notable exceptions are UFO and terror missions.
As this removes a big element of the game, you may want to crank up the difficulty a notch to compensate.
This mod does not disable achievements.

If you stumble upon any bugs or missions types that I've missed, please report them in the comments below.

A campaign reset should not be neccessary, but it is recommended. If you decide not to restart, it's a good idea to back up your save before you enable this mod.
You can find your saves at C:\Users\ Profile name \Documents\my games\XCOM2\XComGame\SaveData
Once you save your game with this mod enabled, it will no longer be possible to load the save without it.

If you were looking to alter the Doomsday clock, check out this thread by Ez- http://steamcommunity.com/app/268500/discussions/0/412446292764413464/
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Shaska  [author] Mar 27 @ 3:13pm 
Evac All was updated at some point to fix a bug with VIP missions, which is what caused the conflict. There is a work-around to the issue on the mods page that will fix the conflict, but it will re-introduce the bug instead.
I don't know if Configurable Timers can disable them completely, but you should be able to use it to set timers to a high enough value, that the timers won't ever be an issue.
Daddy Cool Mar 27 @ 7:39am 
Sorry for my bad english. Yes im using Evacall. The Thing. In old Game im used both without problems. After update the Vanilla XCom 2 without DLC the Timers come back? Nobody can make the 2 Mods are compatible similar the old versions? Anoher Mods Configurable Timers are not disable Timers complettly? Or im to stupid? :-)
HΛɌÐCΘɌΞVIBΞƵ™ Mar 21 @ 5:27am 
Such a shame, as I've always used Disable Timers. It's a great mod. Didn't use Evac All last time, so the conflict wasn't there lol. Still, Liked and Favourited regardless as it does still work normally. =)
Shaska  [author] Mar 21 @ 5:17am 
Yeah, they don't work too well together.
Configurable Timers is the way to go if you're using Evac All.
HΛɌÐCΘɌΞVIBΞƵ™ Mar 21 @ 4:51am 
Ah, yeah. Is that causing the conflict? I found a way around it (for those who might have the same issue) but it does mean installing another mod. Configurable Timers works with everything and you don't need to start again. I reloaded a previous save and re-entered the VIP mission, timer was gone.
Shaska  [author] Mar 21 @ 3:48am 
Do the two of you have evac all installed?
HΛɌÐCΘɌΞVIBΞƵ™ Mar 20 @ 3:10pm 
Same. Still getting timers on Council VIP missions.Vanilla-modded, not Long War 2.
Daddy Cool Mar 17 @ 2:58pm 
Not work anymore with New Version? On a Resue Mission VIP are now Timers. Old one have no Times. Only by UFO Mission
Applemooze Mar 17 @ 11:08am 
Thnx, but I'll wait for a proper Timer Disabler mod... Or an update of this mod???
copeti Mar 10 @ 1:53am 
You guys looking for LW2 compatibility: there is the True Concealment mod, which stops the timer while the squad is concealed. There's a LW2 compatible version, you may use that. Though it's not fully the same as this mod, you may be happy with that too.
@Shaska: sorry for counter-ad (or what) :) I'm not in any way related to that mod other than using it.