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Cities: Skylines

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Jul 10, 2015 @ 4:44am
Nov 29, 2016 @ 5:12pm
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Network Extensions Project

Roads and Highways pack
v. 2.7
*New* First assymetrical roads
*New* CS V1.6 support

From V2.0, Traffic++ roads are now included within Network Extensions for further support, optimizations, and evolutions.

Current support:
-1 lane Oneway [G]
-2 lanes Alley [G]
-2 lanes Road with turning lane [G/E/B/T]
-3 lanes Oneway [G/E/B/T]
-3 lanes Assymetrical (2+1) [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Oneway [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Small Road [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Assymetrical (3+1) [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Road [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Road with turning lane [G/E/B/T]
-8 lanes Road with median [G/E/B/T]
-2 lanes National Road [G/E/B/T]
-2 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-4 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-5 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-6 lanes Highway [G/E/B/T]
-Road Zoning Modifier Tool
-Road Color Changer Mod support
-After Dark Expansion
-Snowfall Expansion

-[BETA] 2 lanes Busways [G/E/B/T]
-[BETA] 2 lanes Busways Oneway [G/E/B/T]
-[BETA] 6 lanes Roads with Bus lanes [G/E/B/T]

-*New* Plain Street [G]
-*New* Zonable Promenade [After Dark required] [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Tiny Stone Road [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Gravel [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Tiny Gravel Road [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Pavement [G/E]
-*New* Zonable Pedestrian Tiny Pavement Road [G/E]
-*New* Support for Road Color Changer Continued

(Ground / Elevated / Bridge / Tunnel)

Note: Traffic++ V2 is needed to have restrictions on the Busways and Zonable Pedestrian roads

Tested compatibilities:
-Road Color Changer Continued
-Some Roads mod
-Traffic++ V2
-Traffic Report Tool

Known issues/unsupported features (yet):
-Assymetrical roads cannot be inverted like the oneway (if anyone are up to the challenge, send us a message)
-Road Zoning Modifier Tool is incompatible with Fine Road Heights
-Reported incompatibilities with Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance
-Reported incompatibilities with European Building Unlocker
-Pedestrian roads dont allow bus stop anymore (by design)
-National roads dont have lights (by design)

Will not do:
-Tram Roads

Special thanks for the inspiration from:
jfarias' Traffic++
sschoener's Detour[]
some danny's Some Road
Jonathan Bailey's medium OneWay road[]

Source code[]


this mod is not perfect, but we are getting better each day =)
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redracerb18 17 hours ago 
if only the AI could use roads properly. im my games they all ways just stay in one lane mostly.
toruk_makto1 Mar 24 @ 9:56pm 
Just because it CAN be done, doesn't mean it should. There is a roundabout in the middle of that, too. Chaos.
blizzard fan Mar 24 @ 9:56pm 
where is the ROAD ZONE MODIFIER,i cant find it
sniper20es Mar 24 @ 9:54pm 
[quote]toruk_makto1 said:
Tell me where on Earth there is an 8 lane 1-way road. Geez [/quote]

LINK [] - BAM! Welcome to Argentina.
Alex Mar 24 @ 12:25pm 
Can someone help me figure out why I can't manually set a disaster with this mod enabled?
Kulf Mar 24 @ 5:53am 
Hi Modders,
this is the most important mod for cities Skylines, by far. It lifts the fun on a hole new Level. Thank you for your work.

Nor I have a question. In this mod an in Extensions 2 you speak about another mod you want to make, which contains more Tram roads. Is this mod already been done?^^

Respect and honor my friend!
mrmaynard Mar 23 @ 6:13pm 
@xOceanSpirit same thing just happened to me annoying as fuck
xOceanSpirit Mar 23 @ 3:15am 
WTF, I just got unsubbed randomly! Half my roads are gone! hopefully putting the mod back will fix the roads, and I don't have to replace them all!
AlwaysRM Mar 21 @ 11:19am 
This is one of the best Mods made :D
davja Mar 21 @ 9:46am 
@nNetwork Extensions Moderator i was curious, if you guys were still working on the zonable pedestrian roads, because the way they fracture the zonable space is kinda annoying to work with and i would really like to use them to alleviate some traffic.