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Merlin's Malady
Class: Sniper
Item Slot: Weapon
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Oct 13, 2011 @ 11:31pm
May 1, 2013 @ 1:53pm
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This is a medieval sniper item featured in the community medieval update.

To download this weapon as a mod, click here[tf2mods.net].
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Savage Source Mar 9 @ 11:08am 
11. Let's end the stat explanation with a few more important mention for the Merlin's Malady. A kill icon have to created for Sniper because he can kill enemies with this liquid. I prefer make people make it clear what happens and not X-files happens again. BluemoZoneGames is already know what am I talking about. I hope Valve you change your mind and create this or similar stats to this special weapon.
Savage Source Mar 9 @ 11:07am 
10. What does this mongrel syrup cannot do:

- Cannot Put out a fire
- Cannot lit up Huntsman arrows in any other way
- Have no Mini-Crit effect against enemies since it's only wet them
- Cannot reveal enemy Spies if hidden, only if it's disguised and seems uncertain in controls
- Have no recharge rate or any hope to get back this potion in your hands. Only the supply lockers fill the Malady up, so it's a one time use weapon in battlefields. Dispensers aren't fills it up. (Guard Dog, if released not even fills up Sniper Malady while taunting cause it's piss and not magical potion what dogs pissing.)
- Haven't got the same Jarate coat duration. It's 25% less in time.
Savage Source Mar 9 @ 11:07am 
9. Ammo packs gives ammo normally since it doesn't comes to health only to ammunition.
Savage Source Mar 9 @ 11:07am 
8. Throwing it to non-Medic and non-Pyro enemy players controls will be disarranged. If these players receive burning or healing effect, the disarranging effect disappears and those players can use their controls normally like before.
Savage Source Mar 9 @ 11:07am 
7. Dispensers have healing effect so these buildings will burn teammates.
Savage Source Mar 9 @ 11:07am 
6. Axtinguisher makes critical healing under the effect which adds 195 health points, but kill you if both you and the Axtinguisher wearing Pyro are both coated. Since this weapon is wet Neon Annihilator can kill you because the Annihilator is not a burn criting, it's a water criting weapon. Elements/Attributes/Resistances gameplay included. I hope someday the Hydro will be released in-game which is Pyro's water attribute fighters version.
Savage Source Mar 9 @ 11:07am 
5. I have to mention the Malady effect is useless against the invulnerability Übercharge what enemy Medics deploy when ready for the charge. When coat both the enemy healer and heal target while Kritzkrieg über only damages the heal target. When we coat both of them when enemy Medic use Quick-Fix and under the effect of über they will easily kill each other immediately with 300% heal...khm I mean burning damage. it's not an OP weapon, it's situational. Here comes the best challenger Medigun, the Vaccinator which has a Fire damage type resist option and under the effect of Malady as the heal target cries up for doctor cause he is burning it's healer Medic laughs cause he switch for burning resist type and über the target to get rid of the Malady effect with the power of 25% Über and 75% resist. Problem solved.
Savage Source Mar 9 @ 11:04am 
4. When you throw it to an enemy Pyro it's burning effect makes you healing and even overheal since the overdamage caused by fire, this is what I call 200% healing vulnerability and 200% burning damage resistance, because over 100% resistance all damage comes back with the percentage (100%<???) Pyros will stop you burning and use other tricks for possible weaknesses or make you stop attempt to kill him. They can still airblast or use Reserve Shooter against you defend himself or others from you.

Resist formula:

- Damage receive depends on resistance below 100% => it's between 0~99% resistance
- Damage immunity receive 0 damage all the time = it's 100% resistance
- Damage causes healing above 100% => It's between 101%~200% resistance
Savage Source Mar 9 @ 11:03am 
3. Also capable against all enemies under enemy Medic's healbeam to burn them. Snipers against you, with Malady in their hands and throwing the burning friends under healbeam cannot inverse the effect, because it's an effect reversing potion which only has magical effect so you have to only wait till it's dries up. Only Jarate can put out a fire on a burning teammate as we know, in this case Jarate beats Malady cause it put out a fire and changes the wet type to Jarate it's whatever if it was enemy or ally. Jarate or Mad Milk effect can be also changed to Malady effect when coated.
Savage Source Mar 9 @ 11:03am 
2. When you throw it to an enemy Medic it can burn you with his Crusader's Crossbow since it has healing effect normally. While you have lit up by Crusader's Crossbow projectile you must not to pick up any medkits cause it has also burning effect cause of the Malady if coated yourself, that is why you have to be careful using it. The best you can do in this case: Find a pipe where fire comes out and stand near to it or find an enemy Pyro that Snipers normally don't do. (Malady makes Medics think about burn his own mates if they attempt to heal, so he must not to heal them and lit up the Malady's owner or other enemy with his Crossbow under it's effect.)