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Armor Ramps [By UncleSte]
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Mod category: Block
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Oct 18, 2014 @ 12:45pm
Dec 28, 2015 @ 10:35am
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Armor Ramps [By UncleSte]


Adds new building blocks for small and large ships with both light and heavy armor versions:

- 1x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Double 1x1x1"
- 1x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Split 1x1x1"

- 2x1x1: "Armor Ramp"
- 2x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner"
- 2x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Inv"
- 2x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Half Split"
- 2x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Split"
- 2x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Split Mirror"

- 2x2x1: "Armor Ramp Corner 2x2x1"
- 2x2x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Inv 2x2x1"
- 2x2x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Split 2x2x1"
- 2x2x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Double 2x2x1"
- 2x2x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Half Split 2x2x1"
- 2x2x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Half Split 2x2x1 Mirror"

- 3x1x1: "Armor Ramp 3x1x1"
- 3x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner 3x1x1"
- 3x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Inv 3x1x1"
- 3x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Half Split 3x1x1"
- 3x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Split 3x1x1"
- 3x1x1: "Armor Ramp Corner Split 3x1x1 Mirror"

- All work fully with mirroring/symetry!

-Survival ready including construction models.

-Blocks are all recolorable.

-All have accurate collision meshes.

I Tried to get the textures to look as closely to the in game armor blocks as possible.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out, i hope you all enjoy!

P.S: Thankyou everyone for your positive comments!

I noticed that there were users that wanted to make donations, this is really kind and i appreciate it, if you would like to make a donation please click on the link below. Please dont feel obliged to donate but if you do want to its extremely kind.

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Armor Ramps Not Working
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M4ck May 10 @ 1:12am 
Hello there. I don't know if it's related to your mod, or something else in general (your blocks are the only one I've noticed caqusing this), but I have a strange issue with air - not general pressurization. I've seen this on large AND small grids, which shouldn't even pressurize, AFAIK. When I grind armor ramps placed within atmosphere, after saving and loading, each block removed results in a depressurization "woosh" and I get my jetpack turned on... Any ideas what may be causing this? It doesn't happen with vanilla blocks.
UncleSte  [author] May 7 @ 4:00am 
Hey guys, the problem with them being pure white, i did try this out myself the other day and they seemed to all work fine. Since the latest patch however i cant open SE at all i am just getting an infinite loop with the new .net install, hopefully it gets fixed soon and ill try and test them again.
HypedLollipop May 7 @ 3:47am 
These blocks are the same as the included vanilla armor ramps, and they are split in two, so for those who are just too lazy to place two split blocks can use this mod.
Palaiologos Mar 20 @ 1:15am 
for some reason, all the ramps are now pure white and have no color whatsoever
Captain_Kronos Feb 29 @ 8:46pm 
Finally it is DX11 ready!!
silentdeth Feb 25 @ 8:42am 
@UncleSte I'm attempting to make some additional ramps, and was wondering if I could have permission to use your textures.
chrisw Feb 2 @ 9:23am 
wondering if you have, or could make a set of the large blocks for Interior Walls
Morzie - Neo Jan 20 @ 8:05pm 
Would you be able to add a 2x1x1 Corner Double, like the 1x1x1 Corner Double?
Purple Guy Jan 10 @ 3:18am 
Oh i'm sorry confused this mod with Armor Slabs Extension if u add that to Armor Ramps [By UncleSte] it completes all missing ramps (some of them dubling but what a hell)
Purple Guy Jan 10 @ 3:14am 
Missing smaller versions of available 2x2x1 blocks to complete rounding up cupola.
Armor ramp corner split 1x1x0.5
Armor ramp corner dubble 1x1x0.5
Armor ramp corner invert 1x1x0.5
Armor ramp corner 1x1x0.5

These blocks used to be around as i remember. Cant find it now :/