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Military research ship "Atropos".[OLD]
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Jul 8, 2014 @ 12:35pm
Jul 11, 2014 @ 3:25am
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Military research ship "Atropos".[OLD]

///You must see all screenshots, its show all APC and Takers modifications, and its epic :D You see all screenshots? Then read the decription)
I would like to start by saying that this is a very old project, a kind of "dead stuff", which was founded in the time of symmetry update. For a long time he did not develop, and only recently, thanks to Screaming Panda, building went accelerated pace. Following the development and construction and armored cars and carriers (Taker), they needed a big ship that could carry them in his hangars. For this purpose, and was resumed building this ship. "Atropos" is primarily a multipurpose ship, designed to study the planets and deep space for military purposes. Can carry and serve as Hooker and armored personnel carriers, and Takers. Besides it has cargo docks, self-healing system, bombing, relief cargo, etc. Working on board Conveyor system, dubbed in important places have large capacities for ore and collect from it the necessary components. Armor has combined structure, but the important places reserved three or four heavy armor layer. Playfully picks up speed and maneuvering for thrusters, for emergency situations, there are three gravity engine, which disperse the ship to a maximum of 30 seconds. All main systems are duplicated. To the side there are four shooting rocket launchers on each side. There are passenger compartments and cabins to add. personnel, as well as an observation deck. Repair of all systems can be carried out through technical tunnels located throughout the ship. In the tunnels, no gravity to facilitate repair and carrying containers with spare parts.
\\\For some idiots and other fools who will climb in the comments to yell something like "one rocket in a bridge and you die" - I tested it 6 times, as the enemy, 5 missile bases were situated 11 rocket launchers, 30 rockets in a every launcher. Tested in survival, coz in creativity mod, launchers shoot very quickly, and the Gatlings can blow the whole line at once issued missiles. In survival, launchers shoot slower and Gatling can not blow the whole line at once issued missiles. For your note, all six times when the ship was flying between missile bases, missile defense ship, consisting of gattling turrets, could stop all 30 volleys at 55 missiles targeted on the turrets and the bridge. Moreover, automatic missile defense system of ship destroyed all rocket bases.
Length: 230 meters.
Height: 80 meters.
Width: 150 meters
weight 38,000,000
Power reactors: 845 MB
Armament: 26 automatic rocket turrets, 39 turret Gatling, 10 coursework rocket launchers, 8 side rocket launchers, 4 on each side. Internal defense system in an amount of 53 turrets, as well as gravel trap. Bomb load-12 bombs.
Can carry:
3 "Takers", 2 ​​APC's and one extended version of "Hooker".

This save include:
4 modifications of Takers, 6 modifications of APC, one new version of Hooker.

\\\Features of APC:
Weight: 60,111 lbs.
Length: 11 meters.
Width: 6 meters.
Height: 5 meters.
Total power reactors: 3.60MV
On board a large reactor and reserve(small reactors), one medium cargo container. In the commercial version of several containers in airborne version does not. As always, working conveyor system side, both sides displayed connectors for rapid transfer of resources. In addition to the turret it can attach crane unloader. Also, there is a redundant weight, more durable for ground engaging and oodles of space inside to modify and connect to other systems.
\\\ Features of Takers:
Since one pilot will be difficult to control all the systems (reset cargo gradual inclusion of auto-drill) is used in the construction of a tandem arrangement cockpits. The main frame is made of heavy armor, but for the most part as in previous works, the body consists of both heavy and light armor from, and closed severe vulnerabilities. Inside is enough space for upgrading, installing additional systems and weapons. As always, on board we have working conveyor system, but this time the backup reactors are not connected to the main power source.
What can a carry- APC, loads, infantry, to serve as a heavy aircraft support (when installing additional weapons) and run portable gravity generators, and then the automatic drill. About automatic drills-design is simple, uranium in reactors pledged enough for 1,5 minutes of work, during which time the drill does not have time to delve into the asteroid. Then change the gravity vector, and by units of mass, the drill is lifted out of the pit, clings to the carrier and transported to discharge the base. There are auto-reset function of the ore mined. Use also simply drill is sufficient to drop it on the gravity zone. (Recommended speed and drop height-40m/sek and 50-100m, respectively.)
Length: 20 meters.
Width: 12 meters.
Height: 10 m.
Weight 81.117kg (empty)
Total power reactors: 3.90MV.
Energy consumption of maneuvers at full
rate: 90%.
Armament: 2 coursework Gatling gun, rocket launcher, one exchange rate.
For some screenshots i use Arron74's Abandoned colony, see it here:
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Military research ship Atropos
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agrimes Sep 23 @ 1:08pm 
There's an 98% chance I can still load the original map... Once again, I did re-fit and re-pubilsh it, link below. I guess if you are a purist then yeah, I'll help you recover the map but the only sins I committed was maybe smoothing the hull too much and I think I re-aligned it aaround the hall just aft of the command decks and forward of the engineering rooms, I forgot exactly why I did it, I think I moved the aft down one block or something like that for some reason that made sense to me at the time.
Johnathan123 Sep 22 @ 1:48pm 
Alright thank you, it would be sad to see such a amazing workshop item go down
EvanBaxter  [author] Sep 22 @ 12:43pm 
I will see what i can do
Johnathan123 Sep 22 @ 9:06am 
Hey, Could you update this please, I keep getting a error when trying to get it.
Valkyria Majoris Feb 26 @ 4:49am 
@CaptainNermaltion.....u can't SPAWN the ship....look under the picture on the RIGHT side of the screen it says u need to go to new game then click on workshop then scroll down to where it says military research ship atropos and load the world
agrimes Dec 13, 2016 @ 6:33pm 
I've finalyl finished refitting this. It's a very slow ship under conventional thrust but it mostly works. hmm.. forgot the jumpies, I'll go look after that, but meanwhile, permission to repost?
TroutSkittle May 26, 2016 @ 3:27pm 
How do i spawn the ship
bob'zzz Jan 18, 2016 @ 11:08pm 
This is a bad A&& ship, If you ever get anytime to update it with the latest equipment. be a great Attack ship
EvanBaxter  [author] Nov 9, 2015 @ 3:01am 
It's very, very old project. I don't know, how much FPS at ship world now)