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Haunted House
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Oct 23, 2013 @ 8:07pm
Nov 7, 2014 @ 10:49am
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Haunted House

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Stay the night and get your prize
Craftable under the Structure Tab
Or you may search the world for it
If world search is your desire you must start a new game
Mod allows Wickerbottom to sleep

As you know, 'Don't Starve' is full of legends and old stories, one day a pig talked to me about an old house in the middle of a dark forest. He said, "if you find it, be careful! The house is haunted, a witch is prowling around and she can control evil monsters!"
It's pretty hard to believe that anyone would be brave enough to turn off their lights when coming close too the pig house!
The only way too know if this stupid pig is right, will be to travel by yourself through many lands in search of this mysterious haunted house.
Good luck!


"clickable area to go sleep is not aligned with the door, click on right low side of the door to go sleep."

This mod make spawn one haunted house somewhere on the map.
when you found the haunted house you will have to fight some mobs before beeing able to sleep inside.
when the night come you can finally sleep inside, atm the house work like a tent. you cant visite inside of the house !!!
at the morning your reward will spawn front of the house.
the reward is a witch hat with speed and armor bonus plus more.

walkspeedmult = 1.7


update v1.5

Added craftable divining rod\"Witch Finder" to help locate the Haunted House.

The "Witch Finder" is located under the science tab.

Recipe = 1 twig, 1 nightmare fuel and 1 pigskin.
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Afro1967  [author] Jul 19 @ 7:40pm 
RainyBao Spriter needed an update when i made this mod so the hit box if i remember right is on the lower right post of the house.
RainyBao Jul 18 @ 10:57pm 
i know that,but do not know how to sleep in the house
Afro1967  [author] Jul 18 @ 11:20am 
RainyBao if you have the mod enabled when you start a new game the house will spawn somewhere in your new world.Or if you enable the mod in an on going world you have the option to craft it.
RainyBao Jul 17 @ 11:19pm 
do not know how to use it
sucubus Jun 14 @ 5:56am 
gonna grab it and see if works seems AWESOME good job nice idea i really like it
Kyuyu Jun 13 @ 11:18pm 
why can not use this house?
Dr. Taco Jun 10 @ 8:01am 
Hey, developer. I would really like to know the debug for the witch hat. If you could respond to me that would be awesome. Thanks for the mod, it's really amazing but very easy to get the witch hat so I hope you make it more challenging to get the hat, but otherwise, a great mod!
bencline208 Jun 7 @ 8:20pm 
I couldn`t sleep in it! :( I killed the monsters, twice and i could not sleep in it, so i got rid of the mod, but the spiders stayed! :( I buildt in as part of my base. :( But atleast i built a spare room for it!
~ReeSsPL Apr 26 @ 2:41am 
Logan! Apr 22 @ 1:57pm 
Really not happy, I couldn't get the witch hat no matter how hard I tried because it was 'too dangerous' to enter the house or something, no enemies were around either, like absolutely none. No wargs were on their way either it was day 3, I eventually lost all my sanity by trying to sleep in the house and got attacked by nightmare creatures and killed. Waste of my time.