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More Great Works
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Sep 25, 2013 @ 6:54pm
Nov 10, 2013 @ 9:56pm
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This mod requires Civilization V: Brave New World.

Have you ever run out of named Great Artists and Writers?

More Great Works adds a large amount of real Great Artists and Great Writers (with their own Great Works) to Civilization V.

Containing 50 Great Works of Writing, and 82 Great Works of Art, More Great Works nearly doubles the amount of Great Writers in Brave New World, and MORE than doubles the amount of Great Artists!

More Great Works features real art and writing from a wide variety of eras. All Art is made up of high quality images, and writing contains thoughtful and game-appropriate quotations. Best of all, every piece is completely unique from those found in BNW. There are no duplicates, making More Great Works the perfect Great Work mod!



- Why 50 Writers, and 82 Artists? 50 seemed like a fair number of Writers, but I especially wanted a large amount of Artists due to all the great art out there - with these two being the first-introduced Culture Great Persons, I have found that they are also the most prone to running out of Great Works. Not anymore.

- Why aren't there any Great Musicians? I felt that Great Musicians, being the last introduced Culture Great Persons, were already reasonably well represented. Additionally, they're often used to perform concert tours, negating the need for an associated Great Work. If you are interested in more Great Musicians, though, I highly recommend that you look up the mod "More Great Musicians" by mckurosu, also available on the Steam Workshop.

- Why do Great Writers have written quotes, but no spoken quotes? The same problem as mentioned above applied here - a modder cannot add sound files to the game. As such, the default "Great Art Creation" sound has been substituted. Besides which, my voice isn't anywhere near as silky as Civ V's wonderful narrator, William Morgan Sheppard. Minus the audio detail, Writers' Great Works are otherwise fully functional.

- Is this mod compatible with other mods? I use quite a few mods, but there is no way that I could test with every mod. To my knowledge, this mod should be compatible with all other mods, as it does nothing more than add Great Person and Great Work data to the game, and modifies nothing else.

- Can I start using this mod in the middle of my current game? I have tested this and yes, it should work perfectly fine.

- If I start a game using this mod and then stop using it, what will happen? Well, you won't have any extra Great Artists or Writers, that's for sure. Any current GA's or GW's you have that originated from the mod will lose their associated Great Work. Their names will also break, but the unit will remain and can still be used to make a Golden Age or Culture. Your game should also continue to work normally otherwise - when I have tested it, mine did. That said, I strongly recommend against it, because really, who knows?


All names and titles and works are used for no profit of my own and with full acknowledgement that all rights belong to the original artist or writer, under the Fair Use Copyright Act. It is my hope that any artist who finds themselves featured herein will in fact be honored to be featured in a video game mod, and blown up in a glorious burst of white light in order to recreate one of their memorable works. ;)

Special thanks to:
Firaxis - for the great game!
XboxAddict77 - for teaching me how to create Great Works. His tutorial on civfanatics.com is fantastic.
donquiche - for his fantastic mod, IGE (In Game Editor). It was invaluable in testing and prepping this mod to the point where I could release.


The Steam Workshop does not allow enough characters for me to post the full list of Great People here.

For a full list of included Great Artists and Writers, please visit my thread on www.civfanatics.com:

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Tm Doctor Robot Robot Sep 3 @ 11:07am 
he do you take sugetions fore great artists?
Jedi Ranger Kendor Aug 11 @ 2:04pm 
can you link me to the page that showed you how to add more art to the game?
Dennis[DK] Aug 10 @ 6:38am 
First pic a graphic glitch?
DCG_Anubis Jun 26 @ 10:37pm 
Ive had the same problem in more then one game where i cant choose to create great work with the great person and for me it dosent help to save and load.. normaly its the writer or musicen that runs out first.. but im also running realy long games...
jccohen Jun 20 @ 8:34am 
It turns out it was a one time bug. After I saved the game and went back in to it, artists proceeded normally.
Faulkner  [author] Jun 19 @ 7:30pm 
@jccohen, if this mod is activated in your mod list and you are playing in the "Mods" section and not Single Player, then you are likely not doing anything wrong. This mod adds not only variety but also adds to the total number of great works possible in the game. When your artists can only make golden ages, that means you have exhausted all available great people - which would mean that even using this mod, your game has still run out. If you are in a very large game, that is certainly still possible, as AI players will also consume great people.
jccohen Jun 19 @ 2:41pm 
Okay, so using this, I hit a wall on great artists. Can only do Golden Ages. Did all the civs just happen to make even the expanded number of great works, or does this mod only add variety, not number of works possible? Just want to see if I'm doing something wrong. BTW, thanks for the mod, the repetition of great works can get boring.
XboxAddict77 Jun 1 @ 4:24pm 
Sure go ahead! I'm already using your mod! lol. I think I might get back into this modding scene and start modding in civs.
Faulkner  [author] Jun 1 @ 2:35pm 
Hey XA77, thanks for the kind words! I would never have been able to figure it out on my own. ;) You never did end up releasing your version, did you? I may have to put a few from your list into my next update - there were still plenty of unrepresented Great Works out there!
XboxAddict77 May 31 @ 3:19pm 
Hey, Great Mod! I kind of left the whole Civ modding scene, but I'm glad to have helped! I guess the tutorial was good. lol