Don't Starve

Don't Starve

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Displays health, hunger and sanity values at all times. It can also monitor naughtiness (Krampus) and temperature.

Compatible with RoG and SW.

If you need an older version of my mods, here's a google drive link.

Here's the link to the DST mod ported over to DS Together by rezecib.


You can choose to turn on/off Naughtiness and/or Temperature in the mod's options, in game.
You can also set the temperature to Celsius or Farenheit.

Temperature and naughtiness are hidden automatically when inside the caves since it's always at 20°c and none of the creatures increase your naughtiness.
These mechanics exist in the game and weren't created by me. This mod just monitors them.

- Naughtiness :
The naughtiness threshold for spawning Krampus is set to a random number between 30 and 50 at the start of a new game. Killing certain creatures increases your naughtiness. Once the cap reached, naughtiness is reset to zero and the new threshold is automatically set to a random number between 30 and 50. And Krampus spawns of course. There's a chance to spawn 2 or 3 Krampii after day 50 and 3 or 4 Krampii after day 100.

- Temperature :
Thresholds and limits are not the same whether you are playing RoG or vanilla DS. RoG introduced overheating, which occurs at 70°C (154°F). That's second degree burn territory. So I halved the displayed temperature (temp°C/2 then converted to °F) so that it feels more natural in RoG. See below for details.

* Vanilla game : The temperature ranges from -20°C (-4°F) to 40°C (104°F). If it goes under 5°C (41°F) you'll start shivering and under 0°C (32°F) losing health.

* RoG & SW : The temperature ranges from -10°C (14°F) to 45°C (113°F). Over 35°C (95°F), you'll overheat. If it goes under 3°C (38°F) you'll start shivering and under 0°C (32°F) losing health. So careful !


Created by Kiopho
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564854803 13 hours ago 
2530053384 Feb 8 @ 5:23am 
Sevrin Feb 5 @ 3:54pm 
Causes SW to crash with smart crock pot turned on.
Dread Feb 3 @ 2:10am 
HI, now Shipwrecked crash with this mod. Please help sir !
707 Feb 2 @ 9:50pm 
zhangdi1994514 Jan 30 @ 7:11am 
smfly Jan 24 @ 6:09pm 
n.bonat Jan 24 @ 2:03pm 
helps me a lot, thanks :)
Ziel Jan 23 @ 9:34pm 
When you play Woodie with this mod and Season mod, Woodie's tree-cutting meter will go across the numbers instead of properly being at the bottom
黑尾 Jan 22 @ 6:09am