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This mod introduces a Dementor (from the HP universe) as a playable character.

-- NEW ABILITY ADDED : can now corrupt flowers using its aura to turn them into Corrupted Flowers, which provide you with evil petals when picked ! --

-- NEW STARTING BONUS : Dementors have an affinity with magic, being magic beings themselves... Prestihatitator level recipes now available from the start ! --
Features :
* No hunger (technically speaking), rather fragile, constant sanity loss.
* Soul stealing aura, permanently dealing damage to creatures around and improving the Dementor's sanity.
* Flowers effect inverted : the regular flowers behave like the evil ones, and vice-versa. Also, new item Evil Garland introduced.
* Can only eat petals and souls (-> nightmare fuel).
* Affinity with magic (magic technological bonus, Prestihatitator-level recipes unlocked from the start)

New Item : Evil Garland (made of 12 evil petals). Just like the standard Garland, only better. Also, the standard Garland causes sanity loss to Dementors.

Can only eat :
* Petals : sanity loss, tiny health loss.
* Evil Petals : sanity gain, tiny health gain.
* Both Garlands.
* Nightmare Fuel : medium health gain.

More on the aura :
* Is visible as a green light circle around the Dementor during day (at night you're left guessing).
* Grows wider in range as the Dementor goes more insane (to a cap), and shrinks when it is content (the damage dealt is constant).
* Damages all creatures inside it except chess pieces and nightmare beasts (they have no soul to steal...).
* Turns bunnies and bunnymen into beardlings and beardlords if they stay in it too long.
* Corrupts flowers inside it after a time, turning them into corrupted flowers (which give you evil petals when picked). Since you're so talented with magic, maybe you should think about refining them into something useful...
* Gives you a chance to steal the soul of the "friendly" and neutral creatures you kill (adds chances to loot nightmare fuel).

Authors : Akshasha, Auxeras, VicoV
* Light up creatures inside the aura at night.
* Add special interaction with "dark" items (Night Armor, Nightmare Sword, Nightmare Amulet...).
* Fix the profile position of hats/garlands (looks weird currently).
* Balance could use some more testing.

Changelog :

Version 0.6
* Added a Magic technological bonus of 2

Version 0.5
* Added the flower corruption effect to the aura.

Version 0.4
* Fixed a bug where the Dementor was also dealing damage to walls, some structures and ghosts

Version 0.3
* Fixed a bug where the Dementor was also dealing damage to Chester.
* Fixed a bug where the other characters also had the flowers effects inverted while this mod was active.

Version 0.2
* Raised the maximum health and maximum sanity of the Dementor (70 -> 120 health, 70 -> 100 sanity).
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