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Sep 7, 2013 @ 7:23am
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This mod introduces a Dementor (from the HP universe) as a playable character.

-- NEW ABILITY ADDED : can now corrupt flowers using its aura to turn them into Corrupted Flowers, which provide you with evil petals when picked ! --

-- NEW STARTING BONUS : Dementors have an affinity with magic, being magic beings themselves... Prestihatitator level recipes now available from the start ! --
Features :
* No hunger (technically speaking), rather fragile, constant sanity loss.
* Soul stealing aura, permanently dealing damage to creatures around and improving the Dementor's sanity.
* Flowers effect inverted : the regular flowers behave like the evil ones, and vice-versa. Also, new item Evil Garland introduced.
* Can only eat petals and souls (-> nightmare fuel).
* Affinity with magic (magic technological bonus, Prestihatitator-level recipes unlocked from the start)

New Item : Evil Garland (made of 12 evil petals). Just like the standard Garland, only better. Also, the standard Garland causes sanity loss to Dementors.

Can only eat :
* Petals : sanity loss, tiny health loss.
* Evil Petals : sanity gain, tiny health gain.
* Both Garlands.
* Nightmare Fuel : medium health gain.

More on the aura :
* Is visible as a green light circle around the Dementor during day (at night you're left guessing).
* Grows wider in range as the Dementor goes more insane (to a cap), and shrinks when it is content (the damage dealt is constant).
* Damages all creatures inside it except chess pieces and nightmare beasts (they have no soul to steal...).
* Turns bunnies and bunnymen into beardlings and beardlords if they stay in it too long.
* Corrupts flowers inside it after a time, turning them into corrupted flowers (which give you evil petals when picked). Since you're so talented with magic, maybe you should think about refining them into something useful...
* Gives you a chance to steal the soul of the "friendly" and neutral creatures you kill (adds chances to loot nightmare fuel).

Authors : Akshasha, Auxeras, VicoV
* Light up creatures inside the aura at night.
* Add special interaction with "dark" items (Night Armor, Nightmare Sword, Nightmare Amulet...).
* Fix the profile position of hats/garlands (looks weird currently).
* Balance could use some more testing.

Changelog :

Version 0.6
* Added a Magic technological bonus of 2

Version 0.5
* Added the flower corruption effect to the aura.

Version 0.4
* Fixed a bug where the Dementor was also dealing damage to walls, some structures and ghosts

Version 0.3
* Fixed a bug where the Dementor was also dealing damage to Chester.
* Fixed a bug where the other characters also had the flowers effects inverted while this mod was active.

Version 0.2
* Raised the maximum health and maximum sanity of the Dementor (70 -> 120 health, 70 -> 100 sanity).
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Ya this is Rog Compatible Trust me i have rog and it works
Slendy Nov 4 @ 7:57am 
i think it would be cool if you got night vision but you could only see inside the circle so at night the more insane you are the more you can see
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i think that he/she should be neutral twards shadow creatures becasue it is itsself a shadow creature
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Dementors are blind; in turn, they sense living beings due to their souls. Why is there no nightvision and/or immunity to night/dusk and their effects? To counterbalance that, there should be severe penalties to daylight. And alot more I could suggest but it wouldn't matter now would it.
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Is it compatible with RoG
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It says it's outdated, please help/fix!