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Aug 14, 2013 @ 4:51pm
Mar 19, 2014 @ 2:04pm
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A huge tropical island map with sandy beaches, forests, caves and rivers - suitable for roleplay and survival gamemodes. A two-month project, Big Island spans the entire usable Hammer grid and features 90% custom content as well as a few secrets. We recommend playing in HDR for the full experience - don't worry, we've tamed the bloom.
No additional games are required to play, as all necessary content is included.

Created by LEAKTEK collaboration

Matt Westphal / Stinger21

Jack Parsons / Hiyougami

We hope you enjoy it! :)
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herrmann_family 15 hours ago 
does it have ai nodes?
i sawn youtubers use this map alot espisally for pikmin
Agent Classified the wolf Feb 27 @ 10:43pm 
please make a night and rainy version of this map
Dust Feb 27 @ 7:42pm 
My Buddy and I are self Coing a server, we plan on using this as our map. Would that be alright?
KexinPG Feb 27 @ 2:56pm 
Thank for the reply I will try to find it soon enough I won't stop until I found it.
Finklybot Feb 26 @ 8:31pm 
Alright thanks for answering :D
Hiyu, Enjoyer of Coffees  [author] Feb 26 @ 4:20pm 
The fix would be to create a DUDV map from the normal map as a DX8 fallback but unfortunately we don't have the time anymore to make complex fixes for much older graphics hardware that very few people still use :( sorry
Finklybot Feb 26 @ 2:28pm 
There's a lot of people asking about the water it'd be nice if we could have a fix m8
Hiyu, Enjoyer of Coffees  [author] Feb 26 @ 2:02pm 
@KexinPG There is a legit way of teleporting to those areas but it is impossible to find unless you know what to do. You have to do certain things in certain places in a sequence, and there are time limits. I barely remember it myself. Noclip's good enough :) And there is also a small island map underneath the house - some practice I did with terrain.
KexinPG Feb 26 @ 11:10am 
In bigisland map me and my friend discorver a house and there a poster says give it the D when we press E we got teleport to many pictures and the last picture we get teleported outside but is there a teleportation to go to the house or something.
Fabled 魂 Feb 21 @ 5:07pm 
My water is all screwed up on this map. How to fix?