Stockholms Lan, Sweden
British 3D, Lighting & VFX Artist at Hazelight Studios.
A Way Out & The Stanley Parable & The Beginner's Guide.
Hazelight [www.hazelight.se]
Game Art Portfolio [www.hiyougami.co.uk]
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Unreal Engine 4
Glesas Nov 30 @ 11:04am 
+rep nice gmod bar!
Gabe the Halls Sep 5 @ 5:37pm 
Does anyone know where Jack has gone?
Wolf Tech Jul 28 @ 5:34pm 
Hey I wanted to talk to you about one of your maps, when your available.
MayoSoup Jun 30 @ 2:15pm 
Hi Hiyu
Festive Kman Apr 24 @ 4:20pm 
+ rep the legend level designer.
COAL Mar 15 @ 9:31pm 
Your work is quite impressive. I'm currently looking for talent like you to help with the production of my game. I've sent you a friend request to talk further with you about this exciting opportunity.

Feel free to drop by my team's discord server: https://discord.gg/K5TRVbt