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Undead Races
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May 11, 2013 @ 5:08pm
Oct 31, 2015 @ 2:36pm
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Undead Races

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The effect will not but applied to your character until you have exited the character creation screen. This is so that you can see how your character looks as a whole, unrotted person.

Undead Races adds a playable undead version of all existing playable races in skyrim. This mod uses the Undead FX effect on the player in order to achieve a fairly unique and spectacular undead look. If I add something in caps it's because I'm tired of being asked about it. Each race includes all of their original abilities plus the new undead perks and abilities. The screenshots of the undead races can be found above in alphabetical order. There are pros and cons to being undead. If you have Frostfall then you will find that your undeath gives you a major advantage against the frigid climate in some of Skyrim's colder areas.

Please rate up the mod if you enjoy it!

I want to thank everyone for the first 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 subscribers!

Stats include:
100% Disease Reistance
100% Poison Resistance
50% Frost Resistance
Waterbreathing (You don't need lungs to live, why would you need air?)
50% Healing from Restoration Spells (Actual undead cannot heal in the game at all, but I felt that was a little harsh.)
Food is not effective for undead players. (you don't have a stomach)
Potions still work for undead players, but not food and drinks.
50% Weakness to fire (Taken from draugr)
An undead health drain ability to make up for the lack of food and healing, which also includes soul trap. This ability uses the destruction perk set.
Undead have the ability to cannibalize corpses. Restores 50 health per corpse.

Miscellaneous Features:
The occasional comment on your rather grisly looking undead status. This was something I felt that was missing from other undead mods and I may add to it in the future depending on what "the critics" (you guys) request. This could include everyone not undead simply hating you, but because this could be incredibly annoying I'm leaving it up to requests. Your voice has been changed to that of a draugr, the sound of you being hit is that of a draugr, and you do not bleed. Frostfall should take note of your undead status and cold effects will not apply to you. With the help of the ShowRaceMenu mod which allows a race change without breaking a save I successfully completely the dawnguard questline as a Breton and then became an Undead Breton. As far as I can tell you can become a Lich Vampire and retain the powers of both. You may even be able to complete the questline as an undead race. It is just that I have yet to test it myself.

There are no requirements for this mod, undead fx is not needed.

Some race mods may have compatability issues with this one. It is not a guarantee, but even if they do have an issue you can easily uncheck that mod or this one in your load order to swap back and forth. This mod will not destroy your save files like other similar mods, and you should have no difficulty swapping race mods as you change characters.

If you are having problems with the effect not being applied to your character then try changing your load order first the problem has been patched out to the point that you should no longer need console commands:

If you have issues with Frostfall not recognizing you as undead, then the option to not affect undead characters may not be set as a default option. Simply open the configuration for the mod (via an ability from the mod), and find this setting then change it.

If you are having issues with this mod then these steps may help you, but please follow them in order.

Move this mod to the bottom of your load order, and make a new undead character. You do not need to keep undead races in this slot, but it does need to be there when you make the character. Make sure you click save when you exit the load order list, and not X.

If and only if you have tried this first method and still encounter errors you may move on to the following steps.

open up the console with the tilde key (~)
type: help rotting
then use the number it gives you here: player.removespell #
then player.addspell #

If the effect is applied but your skeleton is not showing through the holes then try equipping it through the console:
help underskin

The console should give a line similar to: ARMO: (4C002304) 'NPC Underskin'

The code in the brackets will be slightly different, use the code that you get in place of '4C002304' and type:
player.equipitem 4C002304

The second and third steps are only for special cases, please try the first step before you even open the console.

W-Dog for his shaders from his Undead FX mod:
PROMETHEUS for his beast skeletons mod:
Deligaris for his amazing background picture:
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Phoenixblood Jul 17 @ 8:20pm 
How do these races interact with the Necromage perk from the restoration tree?
LordHarambe Jul 17 @ 7:43am 
What if i want to be a...fresh undead?
Supercal21 Jul 2 @ 10:42pm 
the only reason i don't quite like this mod is because the races aren't complete skeletons, you should do a mod where that is the case though, but nice concept.
Slayerofnubs May 22 @ 7:30am 
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Nugget May 10 @ 6:24pm 
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Creepythan May 5 @ 3:00pm 
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heblo Apr 20 @ 11:09am 
This mod looks pretty cool.
BOT_Tobi| Mar 24 @ 3:52am 
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†he Gh☢ul 𝓜¡nεr Mar 18 @ 8:57am 
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†he Gh☢ul 𝓜¡nεr Mar 18 @ 8:56am 
bob go away from workshop a while please and nice mod