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Necromancy: Undead FX
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Apr 28, 2013 @ 1:54pm
Feb 12 @ 5:54pm
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From the ritualized bonewalkers of Morrowind to the decaying zombies of Oblivion, zombies are monstrosities. Skyrim introduced actual reanimation, a very interesting gameplay mechanic, but it causes the zombies to lose the appearance of being undead. This mod returns that undead-ness by giving all reanimated zombies a unique visual effect; perfect for conjurers, and necromancer hunters alike!

Binding your soul to a corpse--giving it life and movement--puts a strain it, eventually dissintegrating the zombie, when the spell ends. Now this strain is immediately visible, giving zombies more visual variety and a more undead appearance.

-Dynamically adds a decaying/dissolving skin effect to all summoned NPC zombies, including yours and your enemies
-Works on zombies of all NPC races (Nord, Khajiit, Dark Elf, etc.), but not undead races(i.e. vampires) (Skeleton models for non-human races made by PROMETHEUS)
-Full MCM support
-Works on zombies raised with spells from DLC or mods
-Disenchantable amulet allows player to have FX
-Variety of Dynamic FX:
-Variety of different dissolved skin patterns FX
-Bodies dissolve further over time, and when reanimated multiple times
-Customizable with the Mod Configuration Menu

-Nexus version: (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/36158/?)


Mostly NONE!

However: this mod may cause the brawl bug: it is recommended that you download the Brawl Bug Patch
(http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/24020/) (If you don't wan't to download it, see instructions below)

No harm should be caused by improper uninstall, but the proper uninstall procedure is:
-Deactivate the FX, either through the Debug page in the MCM or the console command: Set USEnableFX to 0
-Save your game
-Disable the plugin
-Reload your game
-The holes are an FX, and may be temporarily overridden by other FX from spells (eg. snow/wet effects from mods like Wet and Cold and Frostfall)
-Through the MCM, you can set it to refresh the FX whenever changing cells, to keep it on top
-Should work with any reanimation spells added with mods or DLC, and shouldn't conflict with any mods, except:
- May not work completely with 'Invested Magic'; Sorrien has made a compatibility patch between these two mods, and is keeping me updated on that situation
Sorrien's 'Undead FX and Invested Magic' Compatibility Patch: (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=143294286)

-May cause the brawl bug, (A bug where your opponent in a brawl act like you broke the rules, turning the friendly fisticuffs, into a fight to the death)
There are two ways to fix this: either download the Brawl Bug Patch: (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/24020/)
Or Disable the cloak spell (the part of the mod that causes the bug) for the duration of the fight:
-To disable either use the MCM (on the Debug page), or use the console command: Set USEnableCloak to 0
-To re-enable either use the MCM, or use the console command: Set USEnableCloak to 1

-Compatibility with mods that alter the Dark Souls perk has been restored
If you find any bugs, be sure to make a comment and tell me, so I can fix it as fast as possible, and please be specific; what reanimation spell you used, what other mods you are using, what was happening when the bug happened, and whatever other information you have is all useful

Update Details
-Removed changes to 'Dark Souls'; shouldn't be any major incompatibilities anymore
-Add dynamic degredation:
-A period of time After initial reanimation, the zombie will degrade further, and will continue to do so at regular intervals, if they are reanimated by a spell that causes total disintigration on death
-Corpses reanimated more than once(e.g. thralls) will degrade further each time they are reanimated
-FX added to all corpses that are reanimated, such as those reanimated through scripts
-FX should now work with True Necromancy thralls
-All spells can no longer be reflected/absorbed
-Mod Configuration Menu added
-FX added to enchantment, craftable with an unfilled black soul gem, or gainable through the MCM
-Disintegration "lead-in" is now part of a seperate FX, will no longer play when the FX is reapplied

-Dissolve FX will remain on corpses which are left over (such as thralls, or zombies summoned by the ritual stone power)
-Added version of the FX that will work on player
(type <help 'Living Undead FX' into console, then 'player.addspell <CODE>>, with whatever code ID it gives you)

-All FX are now treated as an ability, rather than some as a concentration spell
-Undead-Dissolve-FX will re-apply if a spell is cast on the Undead
-Underskin will automatically re-equip if it becomes unequipped

- Fixed the FX-script, so that "cleanup" when the effect ends actually happens
- Removed the check for "MagicSummonUndead" keyword; should now work with thralls, soul tear, and other non- disintegrate-on-death zombies
- Cleaned up the condition checks in general
- Added FX application via "perk" (a 'behind the scenes' perk, using one of skyrims built-in perk archetypes)(check above section for details on maintaining combatibilty)
- Mad various Parts toggleable via console commands

Future Plans: Add More Dissolve/Hole Patterns, Fit the Elf Skull a bit more 'snuggly', add laceration/wound type effects (as people have requested), add FX effect as an enchantment

PROMETHEUS -- Big Thanks for permission to use beast skeleton models

Sorrien -- Thank you for keeping me updated on compatibility and for your patch (and for making it so quickly)

Brodual and svaalbard -- doing video features of my mod

TonyCubed2 -- Using my FX in his mod Sands of Time/Way of the Dovahkiin

Check out:
PROMETHEUS' beast skeleton mod: (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=116563547)
Nexus Version:(http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/28957)

Sorrien's compatibility patch for 'Invested Magic': (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=143294286)
Sorrien's Undead Races mod: (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=144587974)

TonyCubed2's Way of the Dovahkiin: (http://www.skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/12452/)
Tools and Tutorials
Hanaisse tutorial for the roundabout Blender-to-Skyrim export process
Blender -- Free 3D modelling program
Niftools -- Developers of blender nifscripts and nifskope
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trentandcecile Sep 12 @ 11:08pm 
it wont work ive trieed everything :(
Arhi Davinci Aug 8 @ 5:30pm 
Hey W_Dog, thanks for posting this mod here. the Nexus is a bit buggy today huh? anywho, love the death/decay look it adds. this plus the necromesis mod = the best necromancer experience ever.
W_Dog  [author] Jun 11 @ 2:28pm 
@KBz | Ghost Nappa: Yes, and I recommend SKSE for anyone who isn't using it.
KBz | Ghost Nappa Jun 6 @ 7:15am 
Does it work for skse?
W_Dog  [author] May 11 @ 6:06am 
@srbalough: The FX work on the player, and can be easily applied by wearing an amulet added in the mod; If you have SkyUI installed, you can give it to yourself in the debug section of the MCM, otherwise you can craft it at a forge using an unfilled black soulgem. It's called the "Necromantic Amulet"
srbalough May 10 @ 4:00am 
does it work on the player.
Nights Decent May 5 @ 12:24pm 
yeah i said that before actually using the mod...i have yet to have one fully decompose to an entire skeleton though :P
W_Dog  [author] May 2 @ 5:51pm 
@Nights Decent: It doesn't actually affect gameplay; reanimated bodies dissolve to a certain amount, immediately, but they don't go further unless you're using a spell that completely destroys the body, and getting to the "fully dissolved" state by re-using a body just reduces them to a skeleton, which can still be re-used.
Nights Decent May 2 @ 12:21pm 
....so when they completely disolve then i have to find a new body? well that kinda sucks....but at the same it time is really realistic and tempting....meh i'll get it just cause i have another mod that lets me supply my own bodies
W_Dog  [author] Mar 22 @ 9:34am 
@Scorpion: If you have SkyUI installed, you can give it to yourself in the debug section of the MCM, otherwise you can craft it at a forge using an unfilled black soulgem. It's called the "Necromantic Amulet"