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White Room
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May 6, 2013 @ 3:26pm
Sep 1, 2013 @ 3:40am
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This is a test in a white room, hence the name of the test, derived from the color - which is white.
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Almisuifre Jun 10 @ 4:30am 
At last ! This test took me a while to solve :)
General_Lecter_ Apr 24 @ 4:27pm 
After some months I decided to give this one a second chance. It still took me a while but I eventually solved it exactly as it's shown in josepezdj's video!

I must say I was slightly disappointed, though. I've always had a hunch that the cube button had to be activated while I was up inside the funnel... but I've been lost for ages on what to do next... Turns out it all comes down to finding a portalable wall above the exit door to do a cheap funnel trick with... >:(

I really didn't expect the level to involve any kind of funnel trick like that, so the cube dropper not being aligned to the exit door's button was totally misleading to me. I'd have favourited the map otherwise because the first part was very clever...

OK, time to play josepezdj's version! :)
toncica  [author] Mar 16 @ 6:54am 
Hey KptnJ, sorry for the late reply. As you suspect you've done the first part not as it was intended but it sounds like I can tolerate that alternative solution. If you scroll down a few comments you can see the intended solution in the video by josepezdj.

Btw, you don't need additional video software when you want to record a playthrough. Portal2 can record a demo file with the console command "record" and everybody can playback that playthrough when you share the demo file.
KptnJ Mar 9 @ 5:52pm 
Is this anything like the proper solution?
KptnJ Feb 27 @ 7:50am 
From here on, I imagine this should resemble the intended solution. As you are at the starting point, shoot portal where it's required to open the fizzler, leave the cube in front of it, and go through the portal. Now, shoot portal at the end of the funnel, and stay on the edge so you won't actually go through the funnel. The cube will be funneled towards the fizzler, now cube will fall, and that cube ends up pressing the butten. Shoot a portal to the goal area, and another portal just below the cube. Cube is now in goal area.

Now, shoot the non-goal portal to the end of funnel, and go through. Cube will go through fizzler, so shoot a portal above the final door to grab the new cube, and direct that last cube to the X button on the wall.
KptnJ Feb 27 @ 7:45am 
You can now wiggle the not-pit-portal to the box on the button, and grab it as you fall down. Then toss the cube on the floor in the pit, and start wiggling your way towards the funnel. The height you have is enough to get to the funnel at the end of your wiggling road.

Now, shoot portal on the wall right next to the funnel, and go through. Place cube on the floor in a corner, shoot portal on the wall above it, and jump on that portal. Because you can stand on portals, you have just enough height that you can jump from that portal to the starting area, and thus get out of the pit. Take the cube with you as you do this.
KptnJ Feb 27 @ 7:42am 
The most recommended free software either cost ridiculous amounts, don't work, or are obviously full of viruses. I don't think there's a way for me to show it in video. However, the basic gist of it is this:

First, get to the box. Put it on the button on the ground. Shoot portal to the roof, and in the pit near starting area. Jump through the pit portal, and shoot roof portal into the ground below. You are now bouncing between 2 portals, one of which is in the pit
KptnJ Feb 27 @ 7:03am 
Do you have any suggested programs for making such videos? The I found GameCam, which my antivirus wouldn't let me install, and fraps, which costs $40.
toncica  [author] Feb 25 @ 11:30pm 
I can't picture what you did, it certainly doesn't sound intended. If you provide a demo or a video I could check if it needs fixing.
KptnJ Feb 25 @ 9:59am 
I am really, really unsure if I solved this the right way. I'm almost certain it was not the intended solution, in fact, but I simply could not think of any other way to do it. I'll describe the solution:

I basically wiggled myself up from the pit using cube and a portal