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The Legend of Zelda: The Blade of Evil's Bane (Fort Dawnguard Edition)
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Feb 22, 2013 @ 12:48pm
Jul 22, 2014 @ 8:23am
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The Legend of Zelda: The Blade of Evil's Bane (Fort Dawnguard Edition)

In 1 collection by JKalenad
JKalenad's Zelda Mods
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[or Triforce of Courage version]

This mod is now finished and provided as-is, so I wo'n't be modifying anything about it.

This mod expands on (but does not rely on) CaptainRC's craftable Master Sword mod, based on the amazing meshes by Chief-01.
which can be found here[]

Also, my Hylian Shield mod if your Master Sword is lonely (also based on Chief-01's meshes)

One Master Sword is in Ancestor Glade. A recipe to unlock its full power can be found in loot like other Atronach Forge recipes.
Another recipe can be used to darken the Master Sword, making a more sinister blade.
And, in the spirit of the classic Zelda games, the Sword is intended to be difficult to fully obtain.

There is also a version available that uses the Atronach Forge instead of the forge in Fort Dawnguard.

As well as a version that uses the Skyforge exclusively.

and on the Nexus[].

I highly suggest that you simply go to the Archmage's Quarters at the College of Winterhold and find the note on the Enchanting Table, but if you want to know more, read ahead.

Oh, and the Majora's Mask one of my characters is wearing.

And the source of my Orc's bronze helmet:
Only on the Nexus, though.[]

I highly suggest that you go to the Archmage's Quarters at the College of Winterhold and find the note on the Enchanting Table, but if you want to know more, read ahead.

The unenchanted Master Sword in Ancestor Glade is a heavy one-handed sword about as strong as an Orcish War Axe.

The True Master Sword of this mod is essentially a more powerful Dawnbreaker (as strong as Daedric weapons), dealing extra damage to undead, especially vampires, and has the ability to banish any Daedra.

The Corrupt Master Sword has a more unique enchantment, dealing damage of all three elements (Flame, Frost, Shock) as well as stamina damage and Soul Trap. It can be forged with the Dawnguard Forge or the Skyforge. The latter requires the Elven Smithing perk in addition to Arcane Blacksmith.

The mod requires the Dawnguard DLC, not just because the sword is in Ancestor Glade, but also because the recipe for charging the sword requires Ancestor Moth wings and the forge in Fort Dawnguard.

Speaking of which, here are the Forge recipes
(Note: the recipes can be found throughout the world, but are guaranteed to be found in the Hall of the Vigilant, Fellglow Keep and Kilkreath Ruins)

-To awaken the Master Sword:
Arcane Blacksmith Perk
1 Ancestor Moth Wing
1 Blue Butterfly Wing
1 Monarch Butterfly Wing
1 Luna Moth Wing
1 Circle of Protection Scroll (or knowing the spell)
Unpowered Master Sword found in Ancestor Glade
Look in the EBONY section of the forge.

-To corrupt the Master Sword:
Arcane Blacksmith Perk
(and Elven Smithing if using the Skyforge)
1 Daedra Heart
1 Void Salt
1 Fire Salt
1 Frost Salt
1 Filled Black Soul Gem
Unpowered Master Sword found in Ancestor Glade
Look in the DAEDRIC section of the forge.

To purify the Corrupt Master Sword:
Arcane Blacksmith Perk
1 Empty Grand Soul Gem
1 Grand Healing Scroll (or knowing the spell)
1 Ancestor Moth Wing
Corrupt Master Sword
Look in the STEEL section of the forge.

Vampires or folks who decided not to follow the Dawngard can obtain the Awakened Master Sword at the Skyforge with the following recipe:
Arcane Blacksmith Perk
50 Restoration
3 filled Grand Soul Gems
4 Ancestor Moth Wings
4 Blue Butterfly Wings
4 Monarch Butterfly Wings
5 Luna Moth Wing
1 Grand Healing Scroll (or knowing the spell)
Unpowered Master Sword found in Ancestor Glade

The recipes are the same in the Atronach Forge version, but this version requires that they be in your inventory to forge the blade.

A link to a video with instructions on Forging the sword

You can choose an evil or good path with the blade, but you cannot corrupt the True Master Sword. You can purify the Corrupt Master Sword to the True Master Sword, but the True Master Sword will be enchanted forever.

If you have any problems or find a bug or something let me know so I can fix it!

Also, this is the Majora's Mask one of my characters is wearing:

Sometimes Skyrim will load an object improperly, and it will look like it is somewhere it isn't. The sword ends up being there, but not able to be picked up.
You have a few options if this happens:
1. Saving and reloading in the Sanctuary, which might make it possible to interact with the sword.
2. Searching around the rock for where the game ended up putting the sword. It will be invisible, but the "take Master Sword" interaction will appear when you've found it.
3. Use the first word of Unrelenting Force, aiming it at and around the rock to jostle the sword out of its invisible place. It will become visible where the game is actually simulating it.

--Version History--
1.06 - July 22nd, 2014 - Knowing Grand Healing or Circle of Protection replaces need of spell tomes in recipes. Added recipe for awakening the Master Sword for Vampires.
1.05 - April 24th 2013 - Added videos explaining locations of recipes. Added corruption recipe to Darklight Tower in case Fellglow Keep Ritual Chamber is inaccessible. Tomes can be used instead of (or in addition to) scrolls in recipes.
1.04 - March 25th, 2013 - Ticked "No AI Acquire" box just in case NPCs wanted to run away with it.
1.03 - March 17th, 2013 - Gave the recipes in the world more of a purpose: if you have one in your inventory, it will also appear in the smithing menu of the forge in Fort Dawnguard.
1.02 - March 8th, 2013 - Added guaranteed recipes and a note for Danica Pure-Spring.
1.01 - March 3rd, 2013 - Added Skyforge option for Vampires who want the Corrupt Master Sword. Requires Elven Smithing as well as Arcane Blacksmith.
1.00 - February 22nd, 2013 - First Release
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JoJoke Jul 25, 2017 @ 8:28pm 
and now if ya got a link amiibo, ya get that shit right at the start thanks to the switch
🔥 is a💎 but causes 💀 Dec 31, 2016 @ 9:48pm 
hey whats the id for it
JKalenad  [author] Oct 25, 2016 @ 8:15pm 
Excellent! You're welcome.
TheCrudNation Oct 25, 2016 @ 2:25pm 
I found the master sword just lying there! I swear I didn't see it before, but yeah, really happy with this mod ;) I'm really enjoying raiding cities with my new master sword >:D Thanks for the help :)
TheCrudNation Oct 25, 2016 @ 2:26am 
I'm going to go back and have another look, I'll comment here saying if it's there or not :)
btw, if I installed the mod whilst my character save was in Ancestor's Glade, would it still spawn?
JKalenad  [author] Oct 24, 2016 @ 1:34pm 
Make sure the mod is active in your load order. There's also a chance the sword got knocked out of the pedestal by Skyrim's unreliable physics system, in which case it would be close by.
TheCrudNation Oct 24, 2016 @ 7:14am 
I couldn't find the master sword in ancestors glade at all, I searched where the video said but couldn't find nothing, so disappointing, would like some help if anybody know anything about his.
Cheesychicken Jul 3, 2016 @ 3:56pm 
Look how identical they are!!!
Cheesychicken Jul 3, 2016 @ 3:53pm 
Serously he gives me the f$^$&($^ creeps!Hes a stalker too hes in Ocarina Of tme as well and Skyward sword!