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Majoras Mask
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Apr 26, 2012 @ 2:35pm
May 12, 2012 @ 4:41pm
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Majoras Mask

The Mask is located on the Table in Breezehome in Whiterun, pick it up and have fun with it. I didn't enchant it so you can customize it yourself.
The Mask works now with all races but it looks a little bit off on Argonians.
Look at my Keaton Mask too:

Changelog 04/05/2012
I just made the eyes of the mask glow in the dark.

Changelog 13/05/2012
This is a major update!
I have assigned the mask to a new equipment Slot (55) so you can wear it with all other Equipments, except maybe some other mods.
Also the mask is now craftable in the Forge as Jewelery and Upgradeable on the Armory Table.
You can forge a light armor and a heavy armor version of it.
The Mask lying on the table in Breezehome is the light version.

The Legend of Zelda - Majoras Mask Skyrim Mod

I did the 3D Mesh of the Mask just for fun and practice in 3ds Max but when it was done I thought it would be a pity not to use it for something so i created this Skyrim Mod.
I hope all the Zeldafans who play Skyrim have fun with this mod.
If you like it please leave a comment and rate it!

3D mesh by Martin Steinberger (motch1391)
Texture by Martin Steinberger (motch1391)
Mod by Martin Steinberger (motch1391)
Majoras Mask by Nintendo
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Motch1391  [author] 8 hours ago 
Try reinstalling the mod, note that other mods affecting breeze home may conflict with the mask mod. have you tried crafting the mask at the forge (iron forging skill needed)? If you can't craft it, the mod is probably not running at all.
2faterCATS 14 hours ago 
The mask was not on the table for me at all, may I have help please?
wildjoker6 Mar 18 @ 12:37pm 
make goron mask and deku mask!!! :D
johnheartnet Mar 9 @ 2:23pm 
could you also make the fierce diety mask as well? that would be sweet
Adam of Blades Feb 8 @ 10:05pm 
[ http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/jack-of-blades-28108.html ] This model is for Jack of blades. This cool fable villain must be imported into armor, no one has accepted the challenge of making the model into skyrim armor. Please help by reposting this through steam or anywhere else to make my dream come true. Thank you ^-^
Corona Soul Feb 2 @ 11:51am 
I like @Rodan/Radon idea

I actually have a qeustion about this mod, can you wear the mask and a helmet at the same time?
(MLG)Majora Jan 6 @ 4:20am 
i download this mod and my game cheast i tryed only this mod and it still cheast :( and i love majora's mask.
Rodan /Radon (1956) Jan 3 @ 12:01am 
When you make all the masks (or at least a enough) I think you should make a Happy Mask salesman mod, that would add him, some sort of shop, and possibly few quests, but the main point is that you would be able to buy masks from him. Maybe even get some special masks from a few quests he gives you. But if you don't feel or think like doing it or its too much, you don't have to do it. Just an Idea,
TrueAlphaWolf333 Nov 6, 2014 @ 9:15am 
can u possibly do the fierce deity mask?