Not accepting random adds!

Trade offer are always prioritzed. I will decline most adds unless I recognize you from somewhere. My other info is in the information box down below.

A few important links

Currently Offline
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Some info
How to contact:
-Use trade offers (prioritized)
-Adding (not accepting unless you comment down below)
-Send me a message on the forums (I'll usually respond quickly)

Online = available to chat (or help with suggestions).
Away = not at my computer, but I might be available on my phone.
Busy = at my computer but not available, I am probably either doing real life stuff or suggestions.
Offline = I probably don't have to explain this one.

I clear out my friendlist from time to time.

A few important links. -> profile -> outpost profile -> reputation -> reputation -> shop

How to avoid getting scammed:

-Do not ever accept middleman services from people you don't know. ALWAYS add middleman from this site: and do not accept other middleman.
-Don't trade your items to someone else for so called 'glitch checks' or 'duped check'
-Don't trade with impersonator. Copy paste their steam profile link into
-Don't do cash trades unless the buyer goes first and has a good reputation. For cash trades, I recommend as they provide chargeback safety.
-Check hat prices on to avoid getting sharked! If it's unpriced, feel free to ask me or on for a pricecheck!

I also will not trade with you if you are:
-A marked scammer.
-A level 0 profile.
-A known scammer but not marked yet.
I have the right to refrain from any trade at any given time. I also do not like beggars. Troll offers are not appreciated and will be blocked.

Here's why I am trustworthy: - clean SR - not banned on any community
-> 60+ postive trust comments on my page
-> 4 years active, 2500+ hours on TF2
-> Currently level 100
-> Currently #28 contributor on with 1500+ accepted price suggestions
I am also a premium member and have donated to the site.

Items that I've brokered so far:
- Scorching Elf Esteem (60 keys)
- Sunbeams Brain Bucket (64 keys)
- Scorching Mountain Cap (74 keys)
- Arcana Hat With No Name (470 keys)
-Bubbling Cotton Hat (45 keys) + 40 keys in items
-Tesla Coil The Law (425 keys)
-Miami Nights Woolen Warmer (75 keys)
-Stormy Storm Tough Stuffs Muff (50 keys)
-Circling Peace Sign Phantom (30 keys)
-Cauldron Bubbles Fancy Fedora (43 keys)
-Stormy 13th Hour Noble Amassment of Hats (205 keys)
-Showstopper Pool Party (250 keys)
-Showstopper Pool Party, second time (250 keys)
-Screaming Tiger Pool Party (420 keys)
-Showstopper Bucking Bronco (120 keys)
-Cloudy Moon Wraith Wrap (305 keys)
-Scorching Brigade Helm (110 keys)
-Cloudy Moon Bonk Boy (420 keys)
-It's a Secret to Everybody Hustler's Hallmark (250 keys)
-Scorching Flames Noble Amassment of Hats (110 keys)
-Miami Nights Headwarmer (29 keys)

If you also want to make sure it's really me, I'll always have a Disco Beat Down Modest Pile of Hat and a Team Spirit Bill's Hat in my backpack.

Price suggestions on
Need help with price suggestions? I'll gladly help you out! Comment down below on why you're adding me and I will high likely accept your add, otherwise I might not as there are many scammers around these days.

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DenKroford👌 Sep 21 @ 11:42am 
Can u accept trade
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I sented you offer for my unusual :)
Unnerved Imp Sep 19 @ 10:53pm 
sent offer
Skabe Sep 17 @ 3:22am 
added to trade
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added to sell unu
Cherry | Sep 13 @ 2:10pm 
I'd like to trad please accept my friend invite