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Hitmon absolute Rastafarian is a romantic novel where Bald head man (agent 69) gets life changing implants which make his head extra shiny but only ultra graphics. Hitmon will try not to distrupt parties since Buddha will give him minus funbucks by strangling friendly cowboys with a portable floppy♥♥♥♥♥♥ Hitmon can disguise into various attire but it much require a hat since bald mans extra shiny head might attract unwanted predators. Hitmon was granted spidy sense by black jesus and when nearby cowboys become suspicious of this wonderfully handsome man he can use his new ability to trick nearby militant communists to say "Oh hey ok bye now".
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do hugs Feb 5 @ 8:39pm 
ruleral LUL
mayonaise๊ Feb 5 @ 5:20am 
-rep rule kissed cheese and cheese is gay
do hugs Feb 5 @ 3:25am 
-rep won't admit his name is spelt oden
Rule Jan 23 @ 4:17am 
-rep mayonise probably kissed a girl fagot
Twice Jan 15 @ 6:12pm 
wheres oden? is he still alive?
mayonaise๊ Jan 15 @ 8:15am 
-rep rule should be banned