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If I don't know you, or there's a chance I may not recall you (e.g. changed steam name), please throw a comment below noting why you're adding me.
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* Dota 2 Wiki [dota2wiki.com]
* The Portal Wiki [theportalwiki.com]
* Official Team Fortress 2 Wiki [wiki.tf]

Dota 2
* User:RJackson/Dota2API [wiki.teamfortress.com] - Rough documentation for the json feeds available from dota2.com
* node-dota2 [github.com] - Library for interacting with Dota 2's Game Coordinator with Node.js.

Steam / General
* VDF ↔ JSON [rjackson.me] - Simple conversion between Valve Data Format and JSON.
* WebAPI docs [wiki.teamfortress.com] - Community documentation for Valve's WebAPI.
* StorefrontAPI [wiki.teamfortress.com] - Rough documentation for Steam's storefront API.

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Sharp Alt Aug 9 @ 6:59pm 
Currently on trade probation
Jan 19 @ 3:51am 
Talent tree from http://www.dota2.com/700/gameplay/ , right?
Jan 19 @ 3:47am 
Hi, I'm using your Dota2 API for my personal project. I see there is missing information of special_bonus_unique_invoker_3 in http://www.dota2.com/jsfeed/abilitydata . Could you help to update?
In addition, I don't see talent tree in dota2.com/hero so could you share how to collect information of talent tree from official site?
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Tea Nov 21, 2016 @ 3:00pm 
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