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Hi! Welcome to my profile.
If you have questions about item making, ask them here!

Official TF2 items I've made

Tough Stuff Muffs
Snagletoothed Stenson
Cryptic Keepsake
Vicar's Vestments
Huntsman's Essentials
Mann of the Seven Sees
Poacher's Safari Jacket
Unknown Mann
Bonk Batter's Backup
The Balloonibouncer (Taunt)

I also contributed to

The Dogfighter (Rigging)
The Mann of House (Rigging)
The Marsupial Muzzle (Facial flexes)
The Graylien (Facial Flexes + LODs)~
The Dustcatcher (Rigging)
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The Mayann Project item collection

In order for your item to be added to the collection, be sure your item's thumbnail has the Mayann thumbnail overlay and that it respects the project's guidelines for items.

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Extra Ram Aug 14 @ 1:05am 
Hey, I do concept art and thought to add you to possibly discuss some future collaborations!
playing232 [] Aug 5 @ 7:40pm 
Both of the pl_ququmannz servers are outdated
Ignis Aug 5 @ 12:56am 
Can you make an Australian Mayann server ? :p
ツTexacChanツ Aug 3 @ 2:11am 
My question is: When will the Mayann Project come out?
And yet you work together with Valve?
yongyot.var Jul 30 @ 1:06am 
Oh look, now runs a Mayann project server in Asia. Great!
Fellow Captain Jul 29 @ 12:42pm 
Do you have the models for the "The Headmann" set, i would like to use it in sfm, if thats ok