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Lancer: What do you call a dead baby in the middle of the ocean with no arms and no legs?
Lancer: Fucked.
"It's like dying in heaven, you go to super heaven."
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C10H14N2 Mar 21 @ 8:21am 
Girls are like blackjack… I'm trying to go for 21 but I always hit on 14.
C10H14N2 Feb 28 @ 3:53am 
Is diabetes a social disorder too?
C10H14N2 Jan 16 @ 12:52pm 
That one flavor of Icecream still shouldn't be called strawberry since IT DOESN'T EVEN TASTE LIKE STRAWBERRY
C10H14N2 Jan 4 @ 6:48pm 
Roses are red
My ass is in heaven
Because it got kicked
By TheLegend27
C10H14N2 Dec 21, 2016 @ 8:58am 
Hey what's up guys it's scarce here and we have a double upload for today because we have some fucking HUGE stories to talk about. Now our first topic comes from Faze Rain where he tweets: "Just found out a deep dark secret from my girlfriend" and everyone gets worried and then he tweets: "She puts milk before she puts in cereal." like this is fucking crazy i did not expect his girlfriend to do this shit but imma try to stay neutral although im more biased towards rain in this situation. Next topic we have for today is from leafyishere now apparently one of his haters made a video accusing leafyishere of sexually harassing him, like if this is true this is gonna be fucking HUGE. But later leafy tweeted out saying: "i didnt do that" so he didnt do it. and that's it for the video today i hope you enjoyed and if you did please leave a thumbs up and i'll see you later peace.
C10H14N2 Nov 29, 2016 @ 5:35am 
To regulate the heterosexual activity in Gravilaxe's massively ginger profile, we've now deployed special riot police from the "Femboy Assault Group" team. these top femboys are equipped with a modified Mossberg 550, painted pink with rainbow highlights, firing a new non-lethal device, the state-of-the-art "Disarm. Incapacitate. Disable. Lightweight Operating" system, fired from the shotgun like any average 12 gauge slug round. All troops on duty will now be equipted with the state of the art "Mk.69 Heavy Operators Martial Ordiance Suit Enhanced (with) 'x-pert' utility assistance light" for exploring "dark crevices" >;). Highlighted in tactical rainbows and pink, and branded with a " ♂ ", you know these are the good guys ready to stop naughty boys. Each unit is also equipted with a "Fighting Assault Gear Satchel" for operations requiring extra ammo.
Martial law has been set, all straights will be converted into huge fucking gays. Comply or get your salad tossed. Fucking hetero.