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Through Action: A man becomes a hero.
Through Death: A hero becomes a legend.
Through Time: A legend becomes a myth.
And by learning from the myth, a man takes action.
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my favuorite waifu is obama
xd hehe: ok take a seat
xd hehe: grab popcorn
hehe xd: sweeeeeet
xd hehe: this is quite a journey story
hehe xd: potapro stories
xd hehe: fresh from the brain
xd hehe: so my mom was friends with another mom
xd hehe: when she moved into singapore
xd hehe: they were neighbours
xd hehe: and my mom's friend
xd hehe: ill call her uh
hehe xd: milf
xd hehe: fuck some random girl name
xd hehe: ok fair enough
xd hehe: so milf had a daughter
xd hehe: fuckinn
xd hehe: uh
xd hehe: loli
hehe xd: hehe
xd hehe: loli is the name
xd hehe: xd
hehe xd: oh thought she was a loli
xd hehe: isnt everyone a loli in singapore
xd hehe: anyways
xd hehe: so i was friends with her
xd hehe: very close
xd hehe: and we played a lot in the playground and shit
xd hehe: we were innocent kids
xd hehe: yknow
xd hehe: that stage where everyone was basically clueless about everything
xd hehe: good stuff
hehe xd: so like
hehe xd: mge potapro
xd hehe: yes
xd hehe: my mge potapro days
xd hehe: can describe that stage fairly well
xd hehe: so our moms were close and so were we
xd hehe: and then i dunno
xd hehe: we started talking about kids
xd hehe: and how she wanted 3 with me
xd hehe: ecks dee
xd hehe: no joke
xd hehe: for reals
xd hehe: and being the C L U E L E S S fuck i was
xd hehe: i was like
xd hehe: 'oh yea sure'
xd hehe: this other time
xd hehe: it was valentines
xd hehe: my mom made me draw like
xd hehe: a card with hearts
xd hehe: it was basically like hearts from powerpuff girls ending
xd hehe: gave it to loli
xd hehe: had no clue what hearts meant
xd hehe: so we went to the same primary school and shit
xd hehe: we were very close
xd hehe: people shipped us
xd hehe: and im basically fucking
xd hehe: eren and mikasa at this point
xd hehe: being clueless while she had a thing for me
xd hehe: and then
xd hehe: in maybe year 2 or 3
xd hehe: we were climbinb up the stairs
xd hehe: *climbinb
xd hehe: to the hall
xd hehe: alright
xd hehe: she then holds my hand
xd hehe: and im like 'yea sure whatevs'
xd hehe: still clueless
xd hehe: alright
xd hehe: we walk up
xd hehe: to the hall
xd hehe: the entire fucking class sees us holding hands
xd hehe: and shipped us even more
xd hehe: *Was
xd hehe: and then
xd hehe: in year 4
xd hehe: halfway through
xd hehe: i had to move to another neighbourhood
xd hehe: because my parents decided the old house was terrible
xd hehe: i mean it kinda was
xd hehe: i had a pet cockroach
xd hehe: somehow
xd hehe: so then loli
xd hehe: like gets the whole class to like
xd hehe: fucking
xd hehe: what was it
xd hehe: write goodbye cards
xd hehe: in like this giant piece of
xd hehe: a1 size
xd hehe: there were boxes
xd hehe: small letters to me saying goodbye
xd hehe: Feels.jpeg
xd hehe: and a lot of the cards
xd hehe: were full of
hehe xd: penises
xd hehe: 'lol loli is going to miss you'
xd hehe: 'ecks dee meme'
xd hehe: 'hint hint'
xd hehe: and i was still clueless
xd hehe: i thought it was some sort of annoying trend or fucking whatever
xd hehe: so i moved away
xd hehe: cried like a bitch because the letters from all my classmates were sweet and shit
xd hehe: i still have them
xd hehe: i placed all of them in a box i just labelled
xd hehe: 'feels - do not open'
xd hehe: like legit
xd hehe: xd
xd hehe: but yea
xd hehe: and then like
xd hehe: 2 years ago
xd hehe: i dug through the feels box
xd hehe: because the new school was shitty for me
xd hehe: i was bullied
xd hehe: i gained weight because i ate my sadness away
xd hehe: so i dug through the feels
xd hehe: so i can feel assured and all that stuff
xd hehe: then i realised
hehe xd: im severely depressed
xd hehe: the entire shit
xd hehe: with me and loli
xd hehe: and then i just sat there for an entire hour
xd hehe: thinking
xd hehe: 'shit dude i couldve gotten fucking pussy'
xd hehe: 'what was i thinking'
xd hehe: but yea
xd hehe: i was still in contact with loli back then
xd hehe: because i went to my old neighbourhood to attend piano lessons
xd hehe: and then i just became
xd hehe: fucking silent around her
xd hehe: and i was thinking
xd hehe: "what have i done"
xd hehe: all the memories of me drawing fuckin valentines day cards
xd hehe: fuckin holding hands
xd hehe: the shipping
xd hehe: it all came to me
xd hehe: and im just dumbfounded
xd hehe: i still am to this day suprised by my stupidity and my ignorance
xd hehe: which is why im more aware of fuckin girls now
xd hehe: and how i got a grillfried
xd hehe: but yea thats the story of me ol bones
xd hehe: like favourite and subscribe

Player RiSe joined team BLU
RiSe : time to kick
eehveeh :3 : wut
eehveeh :3 : what for
RiSe : plz kick hacker
eehveeh :3 : lol
sergeantpsycho : fukc off its very obvious
RiSe : yeah
RiSe : sad ppl are blind here
eehveeh :3 : how do you hack dh?!
RiSe : yea yea
RiSe : stop ur bull shit
RiSe : i saw what you ddid
*DEAD* eehveeh :3 : lol kid
RiSe : tat is claen hackx
*DEAD* eehveeh :3 : what did i do lol
RiSe : kid?
RiSe : even we have internet
RiSe : even we know wat is lmaobox
RiSe : tat you are using
eehveeh :3 : im asking you what hack im using lol
RiSe : lmaobox projectile ha
abenk1030asy : whos cheat? :3
RiSe : i said dumb fk
RiSe : shit sad svr
RiSe : does'nt kikc hakers
*DEAD* eehveeh :3 : ok lol
eehveeh :3 : what does the hack do lol
RiSe : have fun with the haker teh
abenk1030asy : haha
RiSe : lol you are so much like an hacker
RiSe : any one who is nt hacking will get mad
eehveeh :3 : your salt is lovely <3
RiSe : you are not getting mad instead you are luaghing
RiSe : you are definitely a hacker
*DEAD* eehveeh :3 : okay
*DEAD* eehveeh :3 : whatever you say kid
RiSe : if some one gets accused they get mad and abuse others
RiSe : kid?
Happy Boy : he is not hacking lel
RiSe : he is
RiSe : actualy
Happy Boy : nah
RiSe : he is
RiSe : no ur not specing him
Happy Boy : do you knw what is hacking?
Happy Boy : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
abenk1030asy : ok ok, calm dwon bro
RiSe : i specd him
Happy Boy : I just spectated
Happy Boy : lel
Happy Boy : such a noob
RiSe : well then you are blind
abenk1030asy : cmon,
Happy Boy : :)
Happy Boy : kick him then
*DEAD* eehveeh :3 : he doesnt even know what he's talking about
Happy Boy : :D
RiSe : or you specd when you toggled it off
Happy Boy : you can try
Happy Boy : :)
Happy Boy : kick him:)
Keep Calm And Just Do It : COOL DOWN BRO
RiSe : its's hacking for clear
RiSe : kick him
Happy Boy : sure
Happy Boy : vote by urself:)
abenk1030asy : haha okey okey
RiSe : lol kick that guy who points out that some one is using projectle hack??
RiSe : wow
*DEAD* Billy : arg
RiSe : wat a douche
Happy Boy : I mean kick the one who hack:)
RiSe : i am living get fk'd in your asshole by the hacker
*DEAD* eehveeh :3 : you know rise
abenk1030asy : and im second :3
Happy Boy : dont knw how to vote?
Player RiSe left the game (Disconnect by user.)
eehveeh :3 : he left
Happy Boy : oh he left

bondeptrai060 : guy i want make mini sentry lever 3

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