Sorry for what?
i am the definitive second place player.

shoutout to
patgg - dustin, k1tty, kureh, robin, bright, richiez, bill
teche - k1tty, dream, pozi, smily, k1lled, konma, banana, veron
mk - konma, banana, dream, k1lled, mop, maurice
macam - k1tty, smily, nurse, verty, exiled, mike, shizzy, karma, hex, ridge, hesh, antiq, altaria
prinny pirate plunderers - killer, sun, pandemic, k1lled, smily, banana, lerl, moose

starvox my FIRST COMP TF2 FRIEND!!
and cuteman & crabby for introducing me to comp tf2 :)

perfect game :] []
perfect game #2 :/ []
perfect game #3 owo []
second half of ^ []
perfect game #4 >:3 []
perfect game #5 uwu (as scout) []
Artwork Showcase
GCDC PH server ~ IGN: evvv#13
my favuorite waifu is obama
AsiaFortress Cup 10 Division 3: 5th place in patrick.gaming as scout
AsiaFortress Cup 11 Division 2: 2nd place in TechE as medic
AsiaFortress Cup 12 Division 2: 2nd place in KONMA THE REAL MK as spectator
AsiaFortress Cup 13 Division 1: 2nd place in Prinny Pirate Plunderers as farming crop

UGC Steel S20 : 6th place in High Ping as scout
UGC Platinum S21 : 4th place in macam yes(tetapi bukan) as medic
UGC Platinum S22 : 4th place in REDTUBE E-SPORTS as medic
UGC Steel S23 : 8th place in macam yes as medic thank u insanely amazing good perfect ugc placement system

Logitech G102
Roccat Taito Mid 5mm
Ducky DK9087 G2 pro (mx black)

windows 4
dpi 1750
in-game 1.1
(22cm/360 ~ 8.7 inch/360)

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4,079 hrs on record
last played on Dec 14
465 hrs on record
last played on Dec 13
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last played on Oct 4
lusty argonian maid 18 hours ago 
i am an otaku who tends to bond with super kawaii hentai girls that i find on this website called ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i love it when they get penetrated whenever i jerk off i always say "oh yeah babe call me evv or ill punish you" but when i realised they are just virtual characters i can feel my insides dying. But now ive bought a sex doll ive put in effort to make it look like this hentai waifu i ♥♥♥♥ it everyday and night and someday when i grow older i promise to marry this sex doll.
lusty argonian maid 19 hours ago 
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lusty argonian maid 19 hours ago 
I live for Twice. They mean everything to me. My biggest dream in life is to be their ♥♥♥♥♥♥ foot slave ♥♥♥♥. Pm is always open. :) Let's worship our goddesses together!
lusty argonian maid Dec 10 @ 6:16am 
Theoretically, could one nut in a baby elsa from frozen and get her pregnant in the future? Only asking scientifically of course, in the name of chastity, and catholicism.

In the movie she could turn pure air into ice in a matter of seconds. I’d beg to wager that her power to do stunts like this are much more powerful than the technology used to freeze sperm today, and could also be applied to her infantile punani.

This could be revolutionary. If a man squirted enough milky spunk into her, it could freeze right onto her cooch walls to be thawed later and make a healthy baby. Once scientists figure out how to harness her ability we could nut into babies across the globe and guarantee they stay pure during their naughty teenage years if the ice in their penis fly trap is sharp enough to chafe the shaft. One flaw in this is those pesky boys having the ability to pummel the chocolate pipes and flick the bean, but we could provide colostomy bags and female castrations for that.
porter robinson Oct 20 @ 7:25am 
lusty argonian maid Oct 4 @ 2:21am 
Annyeong!! ~ x3_^ I am a super desu Korean kawaii! ~^ hehe :3 i reallllly sarang this Oppa but Oppa doesn't sarang me >< -( I want to hold hands with Oppa and be his girl Oppa is so kawaii. but Oppa sarang another unii -( I really Sarang Oppa what should I doooo? :3 >< Ahh Oppa is so kawaii and I really love Oppa too much Oppa Saranghae <3 ^ please help me. oppas and unnis. and alllllll dongsengs I really want you to help me if you are my sunbae in sarang because me is only a hoobae because this is my first sarang and I need lessons kamnashiiminda. Saranghae!! :3 ^^