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Not only did I play this for my Cult of the Fiver series, it won the #1 slot in my "best of" compilation for Winter Sale 2013[]:

The side-scrolling action RPG combat and exploration bring back fond memories of golden era GBA, DS, and Playstation Castlevania games, which Konami seems happy to have forgotten about. At the outset, your character is a weak little thing that can barely survive a couple of rooms. Before you know it, though, you’re curb stomping bosses and flying through the castle like you own the place.

Roguelikes are famous for their borderline frustrating level of difficulty. Rogue Legacy manages to balance the difficulty with the opportunity for advancement in such a way that evaporates much of the frustration. While you can explore and loot as much as you want, you really can’t get stronger until you die. Death is even sometimes a welcome relief from the current expedition, in some cases.

By placing the ability to upgrade yourself past the game over screen, there’s always an impetus to continue, to play just one more life and see where this next one takes you.

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