Eric   New York, New York, United States
YES, I'm an eye. YES, I play video games.

If you want to play with me:

1. Don't treat me differently from any other gamer. Just because I am an eye doesn't mean I'm special, although candy is always nice.

2. No jokes please! I know you probably don't mean anything by it but when I get nervous I tend to blink suddenly.

3. Do not add me without permission! I know you probably don't get out much, and floating eyes might seem like a rarity to you... but I have too many things to stare at as it is.

Oh and, don't hit on me you silly glasses~
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Hi, I'm the founder of I ignore all friend requests unless we're doing a cash trade or I know that you've added me beforehand. Post comment here stating why you're adding me as a friend if you really need to chat with me ASAP.

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Can someone plz help me a dude scammed me whit saying He was going to clean My items
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Plz add me I need to ask you somethink?
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wrong person sry
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added for help i need quickly
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