I'm a lolicon   Singapore
"Girls are like multiplication tables, if they're below 12 just do them in your head" - Bo
Oh if you know any good romance anime plz tell me ;3;
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I'm Burn, osu! taiko player, GD creator, l4d2 player.
I'm currently ranked top 6k in osu! taiko, top 5k in GD with 10 creator points, and 4 gold medals in l4d2 survival.
My personality type is INFP-J (introverted) but I'm a happy-go-lucky person who can be an idiot at times :P
I can speak English and Chinese, and I'm trying to learn Japanese.
My birthday is 10 Nov 2002, discord is N3#9082.
I'll generally accept friend requests (unless I feel I shouldn't for any reason) but it would be nice if you could leave a comment :)

Good friends ;3;
1. Dak2014
Really nice guy. Met him on his stream sometime in 2015, and we've been friends since. We usually play l4d2 or TF2 together, and I've done a collab with him on GD. He's also the one I talk to the most on steam, usually giving me some "good" advice (most of the time)

2. Kry
Made me like couple thousand profile pics cuz his gfx is one of a kind, some even hand drawn :0 Thanks a lot man! Also very chill dude and one of the nicest guys I know. Has owed me a face reveal since 21 August 2017, it was a condition for me passing my chemistry exam 8)

3. TrueRu18
Great irl friend. Very responsible guy, and his sense of dark humor is second to none. We ship him together with Cyra. (Probably) has a boner for bo burnham and his songs, and his whistling is dope. Check out his youtube whistle covers

4. Eqnix
He's made me a couple profile pics. Also one of my first friends in the GD community. He's an ok guy, but we like to roast each other a lot 8)

5. Codex
Another ok irl friend. Decent on spy with 3000 hours. Also made me lend him 5 keys worth of stuff, but he's helped me with my unusual trading so that's a good point, also the best hacker I know (he once hacked my mobile hotspot and laptop). Always bugs me and raph to play tf2 with him though, to the point where he kept spamming me when I was watching anime. xd

6. Skylighter
Met him on dak's stream. Plays osu! regular, with a tablet, though we sometimes play taiko together. He's better at drumrolls than I am, but I'm better at skill based gameplay than he is. One time we were fighting for a better spot on a map's leaderboard, and it got really hilarious cuz we were trying all the mods 8)

7. Levi
Another one of my first few friends in the GD community. He gifted me Karakara (which I enjoyed pretty much), and Nekopara Vol.2 (after I've already played it before) on steam. His waifu was Noire and mine was Nepgear, and we'd use to get into flame wars over who was better.

Visual novels I've completed: Neko-nin exHeart, All Nekopara volumes (except vol 3), Sakura Spirit, Sakura Dungeon, KaraKara, Sakura Christmas Party, Neptunia RB2, Corona Blossom Vol1
Profile background: Purple sister (Nepgear) from Hyperdimension Neptunia RB2

Thank's for reading :D

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Have a nice weekend
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thx :D u too
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Have a nice week ^^
Ruiya Nov 10 @ 6:28pm 
watched, 9/10
One good romance anime i know is Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea (enjoy it :3)