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XxMilkmanxX101 Aug 21 @ 11:05am 
>Take dog out at midnight
>Walk to the nearby park
>Sit on the bench and allow the dog to smell some places and do its thing
>Hear drunken noise behind trees
>Behind trees comes group of noisy drunken Finnish neonazis
>They try pick a fight and ask for phone
>They start getting agressive
>Suddenly group of Somali men arrive
>Somali men are calming down the situation with their charisma and great talking
>After small discussion neonazis realize to go away
>Neonazis yell something racist when going away but Somali men with high intelligence do not react to this
>Thanks to Somali men
This could have ended badly.
Fortunately, there is a multicultural culture in Finland that saved me again