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Ethnic Backgrounds

Political Views
-Pro Conserative
-Pro Serbia
-Pro Russia
-Pro Putin
-Pro Truther
-Pro Christian
-Pro Gun
-Pro real History
-Pro Nationalist
-Pro Karadzic
-Pro German Empire (Not fully but rather most of it than what we have now)
-Anti-Jew World Order
-Anti-Radical Islam
-Anti-U.S. Foregin Policy
-Anti-Merkel Germany
-Anti-Wiping away German and European History

Favorite types of Music
-1920s-1950s Jazz
-Prussian/Imperial German army Marches
-Soviet Military Marches
-Serbian music
-Russian Music
-Ren and Stimpy Production Music
-And lots more!

Favorite Time Periods in History
-Prussia and Imperial Germany
-World War I
-World War II
-Cold War
-Yugoslav Wars

Favorite Nations
-Prussia and Imperial Germany
-Kingdom of Italy

Nations I hate
-Saudi Arabia
-Modern day Germany

Eastern Orthodox Church ☦

If you are someone who thinks Stahlhelms, Prussian Marches, Pro Serbian, or anything like that is Racist and pro Nazi, than I have no respect for you unless you educate yourself! Don't turn against your culture, fuck you if you do!

This was inspired by my friend
Ara The Beautiful

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+rep is the real uncle dane