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Wayward is a turn-based, top-down, wilderness survival roguelike. Explore, build, and most importantly survive in these unforgiving lands.

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Hey all,

This week we have been busy tweaking new player interaction, improving UI/UX, and fixing some of the bugs in our backlog. Unless there is anything game-breaking that comes up, this will be the last minor patch in the 2.3 series. We are eager to get to work on some of the bigger features and additions in beta 2.4 (and also hopefully clear out our Bug Reports forum).

I've also just set up a beta 2.4 wishlist discussion thread and poll for everybody to take part in:

Have fun!

  • Added an option to invoke the actions menu via right click on game screen (instead of inspect) that is defaulted on.
  • Added a resource gathering hint.
  • Added a quickslot hint.
  • There is now a face direction delay to prevent erroneous movements after turning a direction.
  • The default option for context menus (item menus) is now right click instead of left click.
  • You can now use shift + right click to drop items from inventory, remove items from quickslots, move items from containers to inventory, and unequip items when using the new defaulted right click context menu option.
  • Inspect has been removed from the actions menu, and instead will require shift + right click to perform on the game screen or through the use of the new "right click inspect" option.
  • The hint for reputation now triggers at a higher malignity/benignity.
  • The taming hint is now only shown when killing a peaceful creature.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sort by recent not working correctly.
  • Fixed items being defaulted to the first quickslot option even when they actually defaulted to throw. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Fixed not being able to move items from nested containers back to parents when at maximum weight even if the change wouldn't impact weight (or vice versa). (Thanks cxkis!)
  • Fixed a rendering/visual glitch when placing tiles over shallow fresh water.
  • Fixed Starter Quest and other mod windows from being cropped/sized incorrectly when updating from previous versions of the game. (Thanks Rafael M.!)
  • Fixed a grammar issue with decayed messages using the item's prefix incorrectly. (Thanks Urban Monkey!)
  • Fixed the description for wooden fence mentioning three logs instead of two. (Thanks Urban Monkey!)
  • Fixed some improper grammar with the doodad damage message. (Thanks Guted!)
  • Fixed an error when loading saved games that had custom hairstyles set, but the mod providing the hair style was disabled/removed.
  • Fixed the "Open Mods Folder" button rendering incorrectly at smaller resolutions.
  • Fixed console errors when deselecting hair or skin colors.
  • Fixed language extensions prompting users to update their language settings.
  • Added a FAQ/help section on importing to the modding guide.

Ridiculous Hairdos
  • Added new skin tones and a new "hairstyle".
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