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New Players Guide to the Basics
by ATAG_Lewis
Still struggling with CLOD even after weeks. Over heating aircraft, losing the enemy in dogfights, crashing on landings and take-offs, not being able to locate enemies. Well for anyone new to CLOD there are a few tips and helps that will give you the basi...
Режимы работы двигателей, запуск, взлет, посадка
by Green
Window Management in Cliffs Of Dover
by ATAG_Lewis
Making Windows in COD work to your advantage. Window Management including Creating, Deleting and Manipulating Windows and also a complete suggestion for you to start with....
Bare-Bones Guide to flying the Blenheim in CEM mode
by 56RAF_Roblex
Some very talented people will post some lovely guides here explaining how to set every button and control on the Blenheim, sometimes even telling you the settings for controls that are not even modelled in Cliffs Of Dover or don't work exactly as they di...
A Beginner's Guide to the Spitfire
by flare (YO-L)
A great guide for the complete beginner on how to fly the Spitfire in a "full real" multilpayer server such as the ATAG server.
Рекомендуемые параметры видеокарт AMD Radeon™ для "IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover".
by Saylors
Предлагаемые рекомендуемые параметры подойдут всем владельцам современных видеокарт AMD в конфигурациях со средними и мощными PC....
Патчи Team Fusion - установка
by Green
Если вы установили Ил-2: Битва за Британию, то настойчиво рекомендую Вам установить также патчи от команды Team Fusion, которые существенно допол...
Adjusting joystick sensitivity & curves for any joystick.
by NoXi
This guide will teach you how to set up non-linear curves which allow for more control and customisation of your joystick....