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Red Faction: Armageddon: All Audio logs (Chronicler)
av Psychedelic Adventurer
A guide to all of the audio log locations which will award you the 'Chronicler' achievement...
All Achivements \ Все Достижения
av NegativeFox_[Ukraine]
Прохождение всех достижений в Red Faction®: Armageddon™ \ Complete all achivements in Red Faction®: Armageddon™...
Mr. Toots in RF: Armagedon
av L@oR [UA]
Как найти пасхалку с спрятанным оружием / How to find easter egg with secret weapon ...
Path to War Achievements
av Der Graf von Monte Cristo
This short guide describes how to get all the DLC achievements in one run....
Mr.toots easter egg
av Ethius
During the first mission where you help Marauders fend off the Plague, go as far as the shield appearing at the end. When the message (Hold to Meet with Kara) appears, do not press it. Instead, face the doorway and look to the back corner of the room...
Chronicler Achievement Guide (Гайд по сбору Аудиозаписей)
av Interjkeee
Hello, Guys! That is Chronicler Achievement Guide in 2 parts! Enjoy! Привет, ребята. Это гайд по сбору всех аудиозаписей в 2 частях. Наслаждайтесь!...
How to remove motion blur in L4d2
av Ethius
This is how to remove motion blur no matter your shader settings Go to library > right click in l4d2 > Properties > Launch game options > +mat_motion_blur_percent_of_screen_max 0 <--then copy and paste this in there DONE!!! Thats it! No more bothe...
av AlekseiGames
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