theHunter™: Call of the Wild

theHunter™: Call of the Wild

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! if u got no or few animals ! keine tiere lösung
just found it out myself by testing .
had no or few animals bug.
friends and a few others tested it and helped already.

go into ur documents folder Avalanche Studios/theHunter Call of the Wild/a large number /saves/ then just delete the file with 249 kb with the name animal_population.

then start ur game and just wait a few seconds. then just do what u want to do / hunt.

u hear lots of spawning noises like 2 trees rub together and all the ppl spawn fresh and without bugs.

wenn ihr keine oder kaum tiere habt
dokumente ordner Avalanche Studios/theHunter Call of the Wild/lange nummer /saves/ dann datei mit 249 kb animal_population löschen.

spiel starten .
im spiel ein paar sekunden warten dann loslegen.
man hört überall dann dass die tiere wieder spawnen.(alsob 2 bäume an einander reiben.

hope for u guys it help more of u ppl.

hoffe ich konnte helfen

waidmanns heil
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i push once because ppl asking
I will try this.

I have found that the European map is generally empty whereas the US map is abundant.
I'd advise people to rename the file/move it than blindly delete it - just in case it is not the source of their problem.
Nope, this doesn't appear to work for me.

For me, the European map is garbage - I am going back to the US map - I just much prefer the European one graphically.

The US one is full of tracks and warning calls.
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