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The Scholar - Buildings
by BansheeLT
I threw this together for myself after searching around and not finding anything similar on my own. I am not a Guild 2: Ren pro by any means. I simply got tired of getting partially through a building chain only to realize I couldn't make my own needed ma...
The Guild II: Renaissance - connection out of synс (Часть 1)
by Defeat.Overflow
The Guild II: Renaissance - как исправить ошибку "connection out of synс" - часть 1 - геймплейные особенности...
Climbing the ladder
by Daedolon
Hi there, After playing for the past few days, I really enjoyed all the possibilities this game offers despite the lack of information to understand the game mechanics to climb the ladder (eg : find your way in politics). Even though the tutorial intro...
DeSync/Bugs and Multiplayer for The Guild II: Renaissance
by KhaosFury
The Guild II: Renaissance is a great game, but there are some things you should know if you ever want to play Multiplayer. A quick guide....