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The controls for Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing
by Kawasuzu
If you're using an controller: Right Trigger/R2 is to accelerate. Left Trigger/L2 is to break. A/X is to use power ups. Left Bumper/L1 is to drift and to back up. Left Stick is to move. Right Stick is to do tricks. (possibly) Start is...
[EN / FR] Change language / Changer la langue
by TheKido
This guide explain to you how to change your game language. [Français] Ce guide vous explique comment modifier la langue du jeu....
Secret Achievements
by Jona
A small guide for the Secret Achievements. ...
Sonic y Sega All-Stars Racing Guia Español (Comentada)
by STH258
Una guia al 100% de este gran juego espero la disfruten y se quieren mas videos como estos no olviden pasar por mi canal de youtube SonicTheHedgehog258 espero les sirva la guia que de a poco ira teniendo mas videos e informacion...
Getting AAA Rank in Mission 42
by funewchie
For those who have trouble getting a AAA-Rank in Mission 42, and just can't get those last few points: Here's a method to help you get that elusive rank....