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Using DXX-Rebirth to run Descent through steam.
by Roe2
This guide details the process of using the DXX-Rebirth source port to play Descent through Steam with proper HD and widescreen resolution and full controller support....
Steam Overlay Patch + D1X-Rebirth Steam Integration
by Tarvis
Graphical enhancements & overlay for Steam! Option to launch DOSBOX! Not added as a non-Steam game! ...
"I Wanna Cheat!" Guide for Descent
by gamingforfun365
Want to learn how to break into your in-game's system using cheat codes? Then, this guide is for you! Just click upon the guide if you want to learn the cheat codes, such as the invulnerability mode!...
Finding Secret Level in Level 10
by gamingforfun365
Have you ever been told, heard, or read that there are secret levels in Descent , making you question "Secret levels? What "secret levels", and how on earth can I find them?"? Well, feed these answer(s) to your question(s) by reading this guide! ...
Playing Descent using D2X-XL
by karx11erx
Simple step by step instructions how to install D2X-XL, the most feature-rich Descent source port available, to give your Descent gaming experience a little more Ooomph!...
Using Simuleyes 3D shutter glasses with Descent
by PyroJockey
Information on the setup and use of Simuleyes 3D shutter glasses with Descent....