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Ultimate Quake II Patch
by Dork
This patch utilizes the KMQuake2 engine developed by Knightmare, the music patch originally hosted on and the NSIS install system developed by Nullsoft....
Quake II Full Guide
by =T$ECore= SuspectW
This guide contains every possible information about Quake II Single-player campaign. In this guide you can find every secret (and easter eggs) and explanation how to find them, information about every enemy in game, how many enemies on each level and who...
Patching Quake II
by Hard Faggot
Patching for Quake II - Music, Textures and Co-op...
8/12/2013 - One Patch to rule them all [Coop, Music, 1080p]
by Gravy
This is the most up to date Ultimate patch avaliable that works with 1080p widescreen resolution. Offers coop gameplay and keeps the original quake2.exe in tact so you can swap between old school quake2 and the updated kmquake2.exe engine. This version of...
Vanilla Quake 2 / 3.24 Unofficial Patch / Music
by Those Damn Pancakes™
Although most people suggest using source ports for certain things, I tend to like the way Vanilla Quake 2 looks instead, but yet I still wanted widescreen support and music without the CD. Well this is something for those people who want it! ...
Configuring version 3.20 (widescreen and no mouse accel)
by 3DMightyMouse
In case you want to play the original game version. Note: I'm not making any recommendations on whether you should or should not use a patch or source port. This simply shows how to play the original 3.20 version comfortably, only modifying 4 bytes of the...