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bmangamer 2013年1月27日 12時18分
Steam Will Not Install
I try to install stream through running the .deb file, but the Software Centre comes up and gives me an error.


There isn’t a software package called “file:” in your current software sources.

I am on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit.
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bmangamer 2013年1月27日 15時31分 
Does not make any sense. On a previous install (same version of Ubuntu) I didn't have any issues, and nor have I found anyone else having this issue.

It's like the .deb file is broken but I have re-downloaded a couple times now.
johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮] 2013年1月27日 16時36分 
This is a known problem with the Ubuntu Software Centre, you can use the tool gdebi to install the package as a work‐around.
bmangamer 2013年1月27日 16時47分 
That makes no sense.

I installed the same .deb file for Steam months ago on the same system without issue. I just did a fresh install and now it's not working?
bmangamer 2013年1月27日 18時07分 
I just tried another .deb file for a different program and it seems to be doing the same thing.

This is weird because I have installed programs this install without issue. Must have been something I removed.

Sorry guys, I thought it was Steam related.
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