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Professional Seal Clubbing 6 dec 2012 om 3:32nm
I do understand the rant. Partly.
So, I've read through some of the posts in here, some on the blogs that are linked and I was really surprised by what a bad critic that game got.

Since when is the concept of beta funding something new? Wasn't it the same with FTL, Survivors of Ragnarok and many other games? Just because Steam only got into that phase doesn't mean it is particulary a bad thing.

Yes, the developers made some misstakes. Yes, there should be a big, fat red box saying "This game is beta. Do not buy the game if you don't want an unfinished game."

Yes, I do realize that not even on the homepage it says that. That is a really, really bad thing. There is a tiny hinf about pre purchrasing in the FAQ. But seriously, do you see a game on steam, go onto the steam website and say "Hey, those screenshot and that two minute pre rendered trailer do look awesome, I will now totally put 50 euro in this triple a spunkgargleweewee." ? If yes, oh dear.

To get back on the actual topic - everybody knows that greenlight is not even close to finish, nor does it knows what it wants to be - no matter how much Steam want us to believe that. Personally, I am happy if I am able to crowdfund such a project, or even betafund it. That is not something I am opposed of, nor are all the people that voted for this game.

So, yes. Both sides should have checked a bit more about their details.

In any way, I will stick to dwarf fortress because of ASCII.

Yours sincerly,
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