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The Secret: The Big Oil Theory (Operation Bernard)
by Spiltmilk
This guide covers my theory on the possibility that the Secret is in Day 2 of the Big Oil map. It details all my findings and interpretations of the images provided from Bain's guide. Just as a warning, the guide is Image heavy....
Sociopath Build
by Chitin the Brony
Selfish build to crush your enemies. High defence, speed, and firepower. No team skills, but who needs a saw when no one can find the enemies to fight?...
Melee (Skirmisher): Become the fucking maniac you've always dreamed of!
by gastrolizard
This guide teaches you everything you need to know about how to play Payday 2 like an absolute psychopath. Whether it be hiding around corners and cutting off the first head you see, or jumping into a crowd of stunned enemies with a knife in hand and a b...
[Alesso Stealth] Complete guide !
by [] Prinny
Complete guide about how to stealth it ! (+ Achievements) and Screenshots !...
Fighting the SWAT Van Turret with conventional weapons
by Malidictus
This is a loose guide on how to fight the SWAT Van Turret with conventional weapons on most maps that it shows up in. If your heist has gone Loud and that Turret is really getting in your way, just kill it. Here's how I would do that....
Guide to Solo Stealth [Deathwish]
by Unknown Knight Gaming
Playing by yourself because you're anti-social? Or you're just learning the maps by yourself before trying out on multiplayer stealth? Whatever your reason is for playing alone, this guide is just for you....
Payday 2 Secrets (The Shaidoc FIles)
by Shaidoc
I'll be documenting all my findings, theories, and discoveries here for a more organized presentation. ANyone who is wanting to learn more than what I have to say about the Payday 2 Secret should go to this [url=
Silent Killer Build
by Espurr
This guide will tell you how to be a super cool James Bond or Agent 47/ Any other fantasy man you want to be. This build will use silencers because they're cool and sound cool and make you cool. Do you want to be cool? Use a silencer. Now you look profess...
How to get Sound of Silence Achievement / Come fare l'Achievement Sound of Silence
by Everett "TWS" [GaminGuys]
How to get Sound of Silence Achievement / Come fare l'Achievement Sound of Silence...
Death Wish Builds
by vikingr
This guide will provide five builds to cover all needs for every Death Wish heist. Those builds are made for Infamy V and above (owning all four Infamy sets). To unlock the fifth build slot you got to accomplish the Tabula Rasa achievement first. You will...