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"What's next?" - Audio transcripts
de către [] Mr. Payday
This guide features audio transcripts and links to the official audio files for all the audio files that were added to
How To: Framing Frame(2 Man, Any Difficulty) Stealth
de către {SCG} Darrien Game Fox
This is a detailed guide on how to complete Framing Frame in full stealth on any difficulty(primarily Death Wish) with only a 2-man group. Inside you'll find tips, tricks, and a walkthrough to assist you in each day. Special Thanks to Guthixflare7 ...
Ultimate Deathwish Builds Guide!
de către AusieJamster
The complete list of Skill builds for death wish missions these builds have been used to get a death wish mask and will be created to exceed in certain areas and have weaknesses in others. All of which will be explained in depth....
Inspiring Phantom [build + leveling]
de către { Beans }
Interesting build that mixes Mastermind and Ghost skills. You will be able to stealth your way out of tricky situations, and support your crew members by shout-revive and medicine....
Совет тем кто хочет стать Инфами
de către Replica
Вы заработали 200 миллионов долларов на офшорном счету и достигли 100 уровня и уже готовы нажать на кнопку:"Стать Инфами" ?Не спешите, данное ру...
Shadow Raid: tricks and advices, loot spawnpoints, help and other things
de către Kersher
Hello, guys, im an another one player, who'll try to describe a Shadow raid job . I'll try to make a point not on the spawnpoints of crowbars and cards, but on loot spawnpoints, enemies' patrols, doors, places cameras can be, and etc. So, i ...
페데2 실행 안되는 오류 해결법
de către Dever
현재 페데2가 실행하려니 파일 1개가 검증 안된다나 뭐라나 하는 오류가 떠서 해결방법을 알려드리겠습니다....
Shotgun Slugs and You
de către Summerkitty
A number-crunching look at the new shotgun slug ammo type, introduced in Update 31 and modified in Update 31.2....
Death Wish Fight マップ解説集 (BIG BANK Update対応)
de către sksk
build > 籠もり場 > ammo/med > 武器の順で重要です...
Быстрое и легкое получение опыта
de către NENAVIST