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A guide on how to properly ask for help in LOTRO
by NerdyPandaGeek
A easy way to find a fellowship/Help from other Players...
Heavy Roleplayer's Guide To Laurelin
by Elaini
'Laurelin [EN-RP]' is a server especially dedicated for heavy Tolkien roleplayers. You will notice how the server is very much alive with roleplayers and rich with kinships and action....
Turbine Points Farm Guide ✔ 2015
by ◀Infinity™▶
Hello dear residents of Middle-Earth. I have been playing The Lord of the Rings Online as a free-player since 2009. So I decided to create an ultimate farming guide for all of new folk who can't enjoy the game to it's fullest because they don't have zones...
Starting out in LOTRO
by pandaPants
Beginers guide to starting out in LOTRO. This is a work in progress, and will be adding to it whenever i get the motivation to. Feel free to msg me if i'm wrong with anything or if you want to contribut to it....
Hidden Deeds
by MellowHarsher
The purpose of this guide is to list the deeds which do not show up in your deed log until they are already completed, along with the rewards they give. Hidden deeds are a bit trickier than most deeds because they don't show up until completion, so you mu...
New to Lotro - Hint & Tips
by H/V Käptn FaRaWaY
I have this Guide from Lotro Forums. I hope it will helpfull for all new players. Thx for the guide Thornelas The guide on the forums can be found [url=
Role Playing for the New Commoner
by TramCarDisaster
This is a guide to understanding in-game roleplay. Some people catch on quick just by playing, but in case there is any confusion or you've never roleplayed before, I will share with you the basics of roleplaying in Lord of the Rings Online! Enjoy!...
Get a Free Shop Item Every Week
by Zuckerwatte o.O
Everyone likes freebies! I bet you do, too. Thanks to Turbine you are able to grab a shop item for free. Want to know how? Read on... Jeder mag etwas Kostenloses! Du doch sicherlich auch. Dank Turbine kannst Du Dir einen Shop-Gegenstand holen, ohne das...
Choosing your Crafting Vocation
by Nocenti
This guide is intended to provide you with basic information on each crafting vocation and the professions they offer, in order to help you make an informed choice of vocation in LOTRO. Criticism is welcome, but please try to keep it constructive. [...
Crafting Explained
by MysteriXOX
This is a basic guide to crafting to give new players an insight into crafting and what craft they would like to choose. It is simply laid out with easy to understand language for the new crafting or MMO player. For more crafting and other guides vis...