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LOTRO Points Farm Guide ✔ 2017 [Work in progress]
By Warlock勁
Hello dear residents of Middle-Earth. I have been playing The Lord of the Rings Online as a free-player since 2009. So I decided to create an ultimate farming guide for all of new folk who can't enjoy the game to it's fullest because they don't have zones unlocked.
Hello dear residents of Middle-Earth. I have been playing The Lord of the Rings Online as a free-player since 2009. So I decided to create an ultimate farming guide for all of new folk who can't enjoy the game to it's fullest because they don't have zones unlocked. Now the pros and cons of the grinding run:

  • Relatively easy to do once you get a hang of it ✔
  • Not much time consuming (1 hour and 30 mins approx.) ✔
  • You get a nice amount of Turbine Points (around 200 TP) ✔
  • Not really fun and enjoyable thing to do ✖
  • It's grinding after all ✖

Before you start doing this guide, I reccommend searching for a Lotro Starter Pack giveawaybecause it has a slayer and skill deed boost which will help you a lot, plus it's account wide.

What's so important about picking the right race for this guide you might ask. The only difference is the time needed to finish the Prologue. The shortest time I have achieved was with Men. You'll start out in Archet. The only quests you need to do are the Prologue ones, don't accept the secondary. You should finish intro in approx. 20 minutes.

You can also start as a Dwarf for additional TP but for a cost of time, thanks to oreyos for pointing this out:
Originally posted by oreyos:
If you pick a dwarf as starting race, you get 5 more TP, because you will also finish the racial deed 'Enmity of the goblins' while working your way through the Ered Luin deeds.
So after trying out numerous classes, mostly Champion and Rune-Keeper; the class with fastest clearing time is Minstrel. This light armoured little fellow may seem weak, but from lvl 5 he can practically one shot most of the enemies. So I advise you to start out with Minstrel. Don't worry about getting yourself killed because it's practically impossible for minstrel to die at low levels (unless you commit a suicide by jumping off a cliff...)

You should pick Red line (middle) specialization because it gives skills that can one shot your enemies. This is a list of skills that you should spam all the time:

The third skill is greyed out because it can only be used when you get 3 stacks of ballads which you get by using a ballad skill on your enemy.
The Grind Run
Ered Luin - Bree Land
Route number 1
NOTE: You'll see that some names of places are in "Bold", to see where they are exactly, look at the section below called "Ered Luin - Points of interest"

►After you finish the Prologue, turn in the quest at John Brackenbrook, take a blue box from mail behind you. Open it and right click "A message of thanks". It's a quest that you'll turn in to Constable Thistlewool; you'll get barter tokens as a reward. Barter them for a Novice Mark and morale/power potion. Right click the Milestone and bind your location to Archet. From here use the "Writ of special passage" from the blue box, including the red box which will give you a temporary horse for 24 hours. Ride to Combe, talk to the Stable Master and pick swift travel to Celondim. From here, find a NPC called Eilian. Take the quest “At the behest of Cardavor” from her, and turn in the quest to Cardavor, and take “Unlike Avorthal” from him. Then find Laenin the Glade watcher, and take the quest “In defense of the forest”.
Now ride to Nen Hilith. There, you will find a small camp. Turn in and accept all of the quests. Go down the valley and now, if you got the 1 hour and 30 mins slayer deed boost, use it, and start killing wolves. Complete both of the deeds (advanced) and don't forget to loot a green colar in the loot list, it's a quest item which you'll need for Ered Luin quest deed. When you're done, turn in the quests and accept new ones.
►Now go back to Celondim, finish what quests you may and accept:
  • Need of a cask” from Bregedur
  • The wrath of the elves” from Cardavor
  • Hallowed ground” from Thinglaer
Now go to Tham Gelair ruins, finish the quest then go to Limael's Vineyard; turn the quest in and take “Gleaning the field” and “A rare vintage” from Brethilwen. You can finish first part of the Goblin deed while you're here. Turn in the quests and go back to Celondim. Take the following quests:
  • "Gift for a friend” from Bregedur
  • The master of the refuge” from Cardavor
  • Leaving Middle Earth” from Toronn
  • Calengil’s vigil” from Thinglaer

►Now talk with Stable Master and pick a ride to Duillond. When you get there, turn in the quests and accept these:
  • Cleansing draught” from Calengil
  • What was lost” from Bregar
  • Evil at Dol Ringwest” from Bregar
  • The emissary” from Dorongur Whitethorn
Finish the "Cleansing draught" and take “Cleansing the ruins” and “A cause for concern” from Calengil.
Ride to Dol Ringwest and finish the quests. You can finish the advanced Goblin slayer deed here. Go back to Duillond when you're done and turn the quests in. Take the quest “Glamir’s vigil” from Calengil and take a ride back to Celondim. When you get there, talk to the stable master and take a swift travel to Thorin’s Gate.

►Make sure to visit Frerin’s Court and start Places of the dwarves deed. Then go to Thorin’s Gates and later on to Silverdeep Mine for two more places in the deed. Then go to the Stable and take a ride to Noglond. It's another place needed for the deed. Take the quest “Cutting cords” from Grimkell. Finish it, then take “Hunting goblins” from him. Get the fetish, turn it in, and take “Villains in the vale” from Grimkell. When you finish the mass slaughter, go back to Grimkell and accept “Goblins in the south”.
Take a ride to Gondamon (last place of the dwarves). Turn the quest you have and take:
  • Suspicious encampment” and “The elf stone” from Gailthin
  • The sundered shield” from Askell
  • Protecting the hunt” from Orlygr
Now, ride to Ringdale (Scouting the Dourhands deed), finish the quests and both Brigand slayer deeds. Ride to Haudh Lin and talk to Glamir. Turn the quests in and ride north to Grimwater (Scouting the Dourhands deed).
Go back to Gondamon and turn the quests in. When you do, take “Reluctant allies” from Gailthlin, turn it in at Mathi and take “Mutual dislike” from him. Now, take a ride to Thrasi’s Lodge. There, turn the quest you have and take “The cat’s meow” from Thrasi and “A remarkable bow” from Celairant. Head to the den valley (BUT DO NOT INTERACT WITH IT) kill all of the Hendrovals first (Hendroval slayer deed). After you kill the pigeons, interact with the den and the Hendrovals will respawn again, thus making it faster to finish the complete deed (including advanced one).
►Now go to Wardspire (see point of interest 11), it's the final place of Elf ruins deed, there is a big lair of spiders near it which will start Spider slayer deed. Finish both of the slayer deeds. Proceed to Kheledul, finish the quest you got there and make sure you "discover" the last two places for Scouting the Dourhands deed (visit the Spire of Kheledul and the Docks). Time to return to Thrasi's Lodge and turn in the quests. You should now get a notification that you completed the Hero of Ered Luin deed (if you didn't, accept the second quest from Thrasi).

►Now it's time to use map skill to Archet. You should have about 15-30 minutes left of the Slayer boost. Go to Cal Sprigley's farm (including the basement) and start killing spiders to finish both deeds.
►Ride to Blackwold Headquarters (in Chetwood North) and finish the Brigand slayer deeds. If you had saved the Slayer boost that you got from the blue box, you can save it and transfer it to your other characters through the housing storage.

Ered Luin - The Shire
Route number 2 - alternative version
NOTE: After finishing Ered Luin part, go directly to Shire, Archet comes after it.

►It took me 1 hour 52 minutes to finish this route; I got 230 TP as a reward. Compared to the first route, it's a hefty bonus of around 100 TP for additional 30 minutes of farming. It's really efficient, extremely relaxing as you take a stroll through the beatiful green lands of The Shire!

►After you finish Ered Luin part, go to Celondim, select fast travel to Michel Delving.
From here, ride to South Fields, proceed east to The Great Willow; a bit north-east from here you'll find Methel-stage. Now ride south-east to Old Odo's Leaf-Farm and Narrowcleeve; you know what to do... Kill all of the brigands!
When you're finished, go to The Yale-height. You need to kill harvest-flies for the deed here. If you run out of them, go look around the nearby farms, you can also kill wolves for the deed which you'll need later. Now go south to Bamfurlong; next visit the Stocktower. Cross the river outside Stock, and go to Puddifoot's Fields & Bridgefields Wall. Time to kill those inoccent wolfies that have a lust for flesh! From here, go to The Quarry, be sure to check the cave and kill the spiders for the deed. Now it's time for the last slayer deed! Go to The Scrag-dells & Golfimbul's Hole to kill goblins. When you're done, go south and visit Appledores, The Party Tree and Dora Brownlock's Farm. There you have it! All the deeds you need to do here are done.
Ered Luin - Points of interest

1. Nen Hilith (wolves)
2. Tham Gelair
3. Limael's Vineyard (goblins)
4. Dol Ringwest (goblins)
5. Thorin's Gate and Frerin's Court
6. Silver Deep Mine
7. Noglond (goblins)
8. Gondamon
9. Ringdale (dourhands)
10. The Grimwater (dourhands)
11. Wardspire (spiders)
12. Kheledul (dourhands)
The Shire - Points of interest

1. South Fields
2. The Great Willow
3. Methel-stage
4. Old Odo's Leaf-Farm
5. Narrowcleeve (brigands)
6. The Yale-height (harvest-flies)
7. Bamfurlong
8. Stocktower
9. Puddifoot's Fields, Bridgefields Wall (wolves)
10. The Quarry (spiders)
11. The Scrag-dells (goblins)
11.5 Golfimbul's Hole (goblins)
12. Lob's Grove - non deed location (spiders)
13. Appledores
14. The Party Tree
15. Dora Brownlock's Farm (wolves)
A word of notice
►I said in the beggining of this guide that you should use your Slayer boost when you get to wolves outside Celondim, but if you do not have it (you didn't get the chance to obtain it from a giveaway) then I advise you to save it (free one from the blue box you got after finishing Intro) for brigand slayer (when you get to dourhands) and hendrovals. The duration of slayer deed boost should be 30 minutes, which is quite low.

►If you did save your Slayer boost from the blue box through the whole grind run, then you are fortunate. The boost from the giveaway may be much longer, but it's bound to one character. The one from the blue box is Account Bound which means that you can put it in your House Storage, and pick it from another character. Another thing to note is, if you want to take a break but you're half way done in farm run, don't be afraid that your slayer boost will run out. It will pause as soon as you exit the game.

Route 1: Intro - Bind to Archet - Ered Luin deeds - Teleport back to Archet (deeds)
Route 2: Intro - Bind to Archet - Ered Luin deeds - Shire deeds - Teleport back to Archet (deeds)

►If you are in need of gold or you want to open those pesky lootboxes... you can always go back to Ered Luin and finish the final Exploration Deed in Rath Teraig (south of Gondamon); the reward is Bronze-bound Lootbox and Sturdy Steel Key.
What I have unlocked so far
Evendim - 595 TP
Forochel - 595 TP
Mirkwood - 695 TP
Mines of Moria: Expansion Pack - 2495 TP
Isengard Quest Pack - 975 TP (I think discount was included)
Riders of Rohan: Expansion Pack - 4295 TP
West Gondor 795 TP
Currency Cap - 395 TP
Monster Play: Weaver Class - 795 TP
Helm's Deep: Expansion Pack - 3436 TP (-20% coupon)
Bonus Character Slot - 595 TP
Auction House: 5 slots - 95 TP
Guild Access: Weaponsmith Crafting - 295 TP
Riding Skill x10 - 950 TP
The End
Well, you have reached the end of this guide! Thank you very much for taking your time to read it. I hope it helps you unlock regions to play the game normally and if you liked it, please rate it! If you have any further questions, leave a comment below or send me a message.
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ryand607 Nov 4 @ 3:32pm 
Love the guide. I just have a question. If the deeds are the best way of getting Turbine Points, do I need to necessarily follow this route?
bobsmiley01 Oct 26 @ 10:29am 
A well done guide, much thanks for writing it up. After several run throughs I'm starting to get the hang of it. A couple of questions, last starter pack code giveaway was a couple of years ago, was that the last of them? Also, no merit I suppose in purchasing a 5 pack of slayer (60 minute) bonuses to use on 5 new toons? Just a couple of wonderings, thanks !
oreyos Oct 25 @ 11:06pm 
You do note that you get a sturdy steel key for finishing all deeds in Ered Luin, but I think you might want to include the price keys fetch these days...
These days you can make 20-25 gold from a key, which is worth the extra time IMO.
admiralcurtis666 Oct 22 @ 6:27am 
I became too jealous of my brother's fast character growth as Hunter so I deleted his character :P
DarkWolf Sep 20 @ 9:36pm 
a word of advice, give hunter a try. the huntsman spec is insane it seems. ( able to hold onto focus indefinantly and can build up focus in seconds with an ability, then able to spam a nuke ability \. Otherwise a great guide to use to get turbine points
GRAY-KUN Sep 14 @ 11:58am 
There should be a free horse and riding skill code out there me and my little brother have it cuts time down a lot btw great guide I've been playing since 2010
☭ ZefLink ☭ Sep 12 @ 12:31am 
Oh, thanks, it's a nice faster guide
Thor Steinar Aug 24 @ 11:16am 
Thanks for the great Guide.
PartOfEngland Aug 23 @ 11:58am 
In route 1 you never specified that you have to also take the "return the cask" quest in order to then do "a gift for a friend"
bf_aye Jul 19 @ 11:12am 
Very similar to my experience - except I stumbled on to the route by repetition. Some improvements in your guide which I will incorporate to my grind runs. Appreciate your guide, very helpful!