Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II
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Creating Effective Characters
by Mr Arg
A to-the-point guide on how to make an effective character based on the play-style you want. A brief explination on how attributes and skills work in the game and how important they are....
KotOR II Cheat Codes
by Kutar FOX
In-Game Cheat Codes...
How To Install Cut Content Patch
by epicguy25
A little known secret about KOTOR2 is that the publisher was really pressuring Obsidian to reach the deadlines on time. The game is in no way considered rushed as Obsidian was smart and decided to still take their time with it, however, it is reasonable t...
KOTOR 2 - Russian Short Guide v 0.2
by Stiven
How to solve a quest in Warehouse on Nar Shadaa
by Skittles [RU]
This very short guide will make your way through this pretty difficult quest, in case you just don't want to surch the Google for it)...
Widescreen Mode Patch KOTOR II
by Lion-o
Patch que permite disfrutar de este gran juego en gloriosa pantalla Widescreen. Patch that lets you enjoy the great game in glorious widescreen display....
Instalacja spolszczenia do gry KOTOR 2
by tytacz
Zapewne każdy wie, że na stronie znajduje się tłumaczenie do gry KOTOR 2, ale instalator nie jest kompatybilny z wersją ze steam. Udało mi się to obejść i zainstalować spolszczenie na steamowej wersji. Zapraszam do poradnika....
Прохождение квеста в Warehouse (Nar Shadaa)
by Skittles [RU]
Для тех, кто не силен в логических цепочках и просто застрял в этом месте...
Meow ^_^
by t61exeterdefeat
how to get 0% coruption...