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rallegre 2012年12月10日 11時17分
is it just me or does this game have slower framerates on the pc than on consoles? yes I have a 660 gtx card.
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patmondor 2012年12月11日 19時22分 
Not you. Noticed as well. Same card. Very dissapointed.
rallegre 2012年12月11日 20時30分 
i was just playing the game and this idea occured to me. when you get to a new area count to 5 before doing anything heavy. i think that the game is pre-loading all the graphics for the area. hence the stuttering. since there is a world of diffrence between how the pc and xbox/ps3 do business i assume this is what is happening.
rallegre 2012年12月11日 20時31分 
btw none of the other lego games seem to have this issue. have yet to purchase LOTR though.
CookieRaider 2012年12月12日 22時11分 
I noticed it too but wasn't sure if it was my Phenom, I really doubt it though, I have the 660ti.
stylez 2012年12月24日 21時30分 
Yeah, I am having awful stuttering issues also. Although I'm only using a Core i7 930 w/ GTX460, this game should hardly be enough to tax either of those; especially when I can run much more graphical & physics intensive games on higher texture, shader, and anti-aliasing settings without anywhere near as much stutter as this game encounters.

@rallegre: I highly doubt this is a pre-loading issue. You can sit around all day in the same room (for example the large upstairs room, where the entrance into the dining hall resides), but if you run back and forth across it, the stutter can still occur. Go to Diagon Alley, and run up and down it repeatedly. If it was a loading issue, the stutter would go away; it does not.
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rallegre 2012年12月25日 10時30分 
this particular game seems to have alot of strange issues. on the xbox if you buy the dlc the game is rendered unplayable due to a disk read error bug that the dlc causes. this is when you play the game from disk.
Timmy 2013年2月15日 3時38分 
it really only lags for a few moments whenever you enter a new area, after a little while the framerate goes up. lego LOTR does not have this issue from what i can tell (gtx 560)
rallegre 2013年2月15日 10時12分 
i have a gtx 660 and it is lagging. i have a good system so i am writing it off to really poor optimization of code.
Kain 2013年5月16日 22時19分 
Yep, framerate is bad
Azeraeth 2013年6月8日 13時11分 
Same issue here. Glad to hear I am not the only one.
lxf 12 2013年6月11日 7時07分 
Wow. Developers should fix this game. Really disappointing. Would be excellent without this problem. Buy the way. The Wii verion also had a terrible glitch. It would crash on several levels repeatedly making it unfinishable. My kids were disappointed and when I finally realized it was the sound option in the wii system needing to be turned to stereo and not surround (this does fix the wii crashing 100% in this game) my kids had already moved on...
rallegre 2013年6月11日 7時44分 
apparently this developer is notorious for not issuing patches for problems. if they do its because someone stepped on their neck for some reason. also the lord of the rings game for pc is still missing the dlc stuff everyone else got.
Bendo 2013年6月29日 7時38分 
Yup, it's just bugged. It's possible to mitigate the stuttering by forcing tripple buffering with D3DOverrider, though that still doesn't remove it completely.
Da Bozz 2013年7月12日 6時53分 
I also get those lag spikes, HD 7850.
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