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Silent Hill: Homecoming Puzzles
by Kanade
Silent Hill: Homecoming Puzzles and solutions. ...
Silent hill Homecoming : Endings guide
by Kanade
Silent hill Homecoming : Endings guide...
Silent Hill: Homecoming: How to unlock extra costumes
by TiggoRech
This guide has made for help you to unlock all the extra costumes from Silent Hill Homecoming. Includes too the Konami Code and how to use it in the game. You can see too in this guide images of a costume just clicking in their name....
KNOW YOUR MONSTER guide!! If you want some recommendations and whatnot, look here! :)
by (N4P) JAWG
Hello, I am a huge Silent Hill fan, and I have Homecoming on both Steam and my XBOX 360. I am here to help all of you know what you are about to get into and what you need to do. So first, let me set up a list and whatnot: 1. KNOW YOUR MONSTER AND IT'...