Dick Size Enquirer™ 16. marras, 2013 18.17
GTA IV Does Not Open
Hey guys. When I opened the GTA 4 file it said I needed to login in the social rockstar club. The account worked but after it said authenticating user it just closed. My laptop is Windows 8 and a Acer Aspire V5 and it got released a few months ago. Assistance will be appreciated. Thanx guys
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Jonezy -刀乃丂- 17. marras, 2013 0.07 
same thing happen to me, but it was working fine the other day. im so sick of rockstars fukking ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥e. thanks for all your bloatware douchbags.
Dick Size Enquirer™ 17. marras, 2013 0.42 
how did it manage to work?
Caoward aka Caobutts 17. marras, 2013 12.36 

You're going to need to download this and make an accoount in order to play since it requires you to have windows live
Feliix 17. marras, 2013 14.33 
i'm having the same problem, it does not open wather is online or offline
Dick Size Enquirer™ 17. marras, 2013 21.53 
k i will try. ty m8
ineseri 18. marras, 2013 4.55 
Make sure to run the game as administrator. Don't launch the game via steam, but via the LaunchGTAIV.exe file in the installation directory.
Caoward aka Caobutts 18. marras, 2013 6.31 
axel_rod lähetti viestin:
i'm having the same problem, it does not open wather is online or offline

I had the same problem until my clan mates told me I need to sign onto windows live, so hope it helps!
Dick Size Enquirer™ 19. marras, 2013 23.18 
ty ppl.
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